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Knitted Lace of Estonia with Nancy Bush DVD

Knit an Estonian Lace Shawl from Beginning to End with Expert Nancy Bush.

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The distinctive and elegant designs of Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia are brought to life as Nancy offers valuable and unique techniques for making traditional and modern Estonian lace scarves and shawls. After a detailed discussion of the characteristics of the exquisite handknits , Nancy guides you in knitting a lace scarf with three edges: two traditional ones with garter border and sewn-on edge and a modern one with a picked-up edge. You’ll cherish these for years to come. With Knitted Lace of Estonia with Nancy Bush, you’ll learn: 

        • How to get started with the proper tools, cast-on methods, and information on the various shawl types and shaping 
        • How to read a lace chart and work your lace pattern, with tips for calculating your shawl’s center and edgings 
        • Various Estonian lace knitting techniques including the classic “nupp,” a simple bobble technique seen throughout Estonian lace 
        • How to plan an edging and finish your project with ease, including tips on blocking your shawl to make it look its best 
        •And more!

Nancy’s demonstrations include tips and advice to making Estonian shawl knitting successful. Her knowledge of and passion for Estonian lace knitting makes this complex art irresistible to adventurous knitters.


About the Author
Nancy Bush teaches workshops for guilds, shops, and at conferences throughout the United States, Canada, and Northern Europe. She is the author of Folk Socks, Folk Knitting in Estonia, Knitting on the Road, Knitting Vintage Socks, and Knitted Lace of Estonia (all from Interweave). Nancy lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Nancy Bush

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596683273

Customer Reviews

wonderfull Review by Carol

I love this dvd Nancy takes you through the pattern clearly and explain's any problems that might crop up and how to deal with them if they do

(Posted on 6/17/14)

Outstanding resource and guide for lace knitters Review by Leslie

This video has a wealth of technique and information for lace knitters and those who wish to learn. Although it is about Estonian lace knitting, the techniques are universal and with Nancys' clear and detailed instruction plus the excellent camera work, it's by far the best lace knitting video available. The book is not necessary but I recommend that you have it by your side as you begin - for quick reference and pictures (as well as the beautiful designs). With the DVD, you can replay the stitches and instructions as many times as necessary. I've made several of the scarves and shawls and I still use the video. Without this video I'd still be struggling to learn this skill. Thank you Nancy!

(Posted on 1/3/14)

A Wonderful Lace Knitting Resource Review by Winifred Waite

I love this book! It has a beautifully written account of Haapsalu knitting, gorgeous shawl patterns with very clearly detailed instructions and a DVD to illustrate the techniques. Nancy Bush has a well paced, calm and simple style of delivery and she illustrates the techniques so well making it easy to achieve wonderful results. My only criticism of the book (not Nancy Bush), which prevents me giving the book 5*, is that the chart patterns are fairly small. You can read them but it puts wear on the pages and I'll be making a few of these shawls! There is the suggestion that you enlarge the charts and photocopy. One problem with that is that some charts are printed into the spine of the book and it is difficult to flatten the pages to copy them without damaging the spine. I was disappointed that the charts were not available on the DVD to print out which would be the obvious solution to this problem. I have already made the Summer Shawl which involved learning the traditional Haapsalu technique of sewing on a lace edging and it is a really beautiful shawl. Now I'm knitting the Queen Sylvia shawl & I love the lily of the valley pattern on this. This book is a wonderful resource for lace knitters and is excellent value for money. Many thanks to Nancy Bush for producing it.

(Posted on 2/26/12)

Beautiful Shawls! Review by Barbara McCay

I love this DVD and the book, too. The history of the Estonian shawls is fascinating, and the techniques are lovely. After watching this DVD I think I could actually make one of these shawls! Nancy has a very calm and informative teaching style, which makes learning from her very easy -- even on one of these intricate shawls! Both the DVD and the book are worth every penny I spent on them! Highly recommended for those who love the look of these shawls, and for those who are interested in this aspect of knitting history.

(Posted on 1/15/12)

I thought I couldn't Knit! Review by Sandy Pummer

I thought I couldn't knit, but lusted after one of these gorgeous shawls and scarves. My mind could not grasp the static pictures in books that showed how to do the stitches. I got the DVD 3 months ago, and I am now on my second project. I really can do it! The DVD enabled me to replay each stitch over and over while I copied her hand motions. Many practice swatches later to perfect the stitches, and I started my first scarf. I am doing the second now, and it gets easier and easier each row. I never could have accomplished this graceful and elegant style of knitting without the DVD. Many thanks!

(Posted on 8/10/11)