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The Knitter's Companion Deluxe Edition with DVD

Now with an instructional 2-disc DVD set, this is every knitter's perfect reference guide, complete with techniques, illustrations, definitions, and everything needed to knit with confidence.

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Now with an instructional 2-disc DVD set, this is every knitter's perfect reference guide, complete with techniques, illustrations, definitions, and everything needed to knit with confidence.
The bestselling knitting resource now comes with two extended instructional DVDs, featuring every technique in the book for a truly hands-on experience. Vicki Square's The Knitter's Companion Deluxe Edition with DVD is chock-full of tips, illustrations, and definitions, all made even easier to understand with the accompanying DVDs.

• an overview of stitches, gauges, joins, seams, borders, and buttonholes, as well as detailed descriptions and photographs;
• innovative methods, such as additional ways to cast on, bind off, and increase stitches;
• color knitting technique, plus Vicki's favorite embellishments, such as tassels, fringe, knitting with beads, and more.

All the information knitters need is right at your fingertips with The Knitter's Companion Deluxe Edition with DVD--an indispensable 2-disc addition to any knitter's back of tricks.

Table of Contents

In Preparation
The Basics
Joining Yarns
Hems and Hemming
Borders and Edges
Other Techniques
Knitting Needle Gauge

SKU: 10KN23

Author/Speaker/Editor: Vicki Square

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596683143

Number Of Pages: 140


About the Author

Vicki Square is the author of Knit Kimono, Knit Kimono Too, Folk Bags, Folk Hats, and the best-selling The Knitter’s Companion. She is also a contributor to Lace Style, Simple Style, and Knitting Green. Vicki regularly designs knitted pieces from elegant basics to unique art to wear. Her artistry in color and aesthetic are stated boldly through her engineering of unusually shaped garments and accessories. Magazines such as Interweave Knits, Knitter’s and Spin-Off have featured her work, and she has won awards for her innovative designs. Vicki has been designing and teaching knitting for more than twenty years, and cross-trains her creative passions with drawing, painting, and mixed media pursuits. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.


The Knitter’s Companion Deluxe Edition with DVD.  Our absolute favorite (in fact the only one we recommend) go-to knitting reference.  Now with two bonus instructional DVDs, The Knitter’s Companion Deluxe Edition is every knitter’s perfect reference guide!” -
“As essential to any knitter’s traveling kit as needles and yarn. The two DVDs are so brilliant.” –
"Small enough to stow in your bag, [this] compact spiral-bound guide offers on-the-spot answers to all of your stitching questions." — Family Circle’s Easy Knitting
"The best of the latest crop...has the basics on casting on, casting off, seaming and need to know." — The News & Observer

"It's a time-tested manual for the nervous newbie...The Knitter's Companion is a good all-around book for someone who's started out."

"This deluxe edition's suggested retail price is $24.95, which is really a bargain when you consider that you're getting both the book and all that video instruction...Even for those who have some knitting experience, the book is a great reference for some of those things you might not always remember how to do and the videos are kind of fun to watch or at least listen to as you go about other things.  You might just learn something or be inspired to try a technique you hadn't considered before."

"Interweave Press has a good thing going with the “Companion” series of fiber crafts books (The Crocheter’s Companion). This edition improves further on the 2006 version by adding two instructional DVDs featuring techniques highlighted in the book. This is still an excellent ready reference for a variety of knitting techniques, including cast-ons, bind-offs, finishing, and other basics. The illustrations are as helpful as ever, but the demonstrations on the DVDs show knitters exactly what they should be doing. Every knitting collection needs a reference; this one is affordable and accessible." --Library Journal

Praise for previous edition

"This little book should be in every knitter's knitting bag." -- Knitting News

"The overall volume of 'gotta know' information presented in such a handy format make[s] this a truly indispensable tool." -- Monsters &

"There are several excellent reference books on the market. One of my favorites is The Knitters Companion." -- Anchorage Daily News

"The best grab and go knitting book...The color illustrations alone are worth buying this new and improved version." --

"This newly expanded and updated version is even better...The price remains exactly the same, a bargain at under $20." -- Knit 'N Style

"A spiffier version of Square's decade-old all-you-need-to-know reference...much here for dyed-in-the-woolies." -- Yarn Market News

"The original, published in 1996, was a great standard reference but the new edition has a lot of cool features." --

"If you don't yet have a good reference book in your knitting library, I strongly recommend The Knitter's Companion." -- Knitter's Review

SKU: 10KN23

Author/Speaker/Editor: Vicki Square

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596683143

Number Of Pages: 140

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Review by Diana

The Knitter's Companion is an excellent addition to my knitting library...the spiral book style is so convenient, I don't know why more publishers of how-to books don't use it. It is well written and the illustrations are clear and understandable.

(Posted on 4/20/2014)

(Posted on 4/20/2014)

The Knitters Companion book and cd Review by Becky McPIke

I love this set. I have the book by my knitting chair, and upstairs on my computer is the cd. Sometimes a book just doesnt show clearly what you need to do...the cd fits the need. I cant tell you how helpful it is from casting on, to wrap and turn, to making a nice tassel...if you think you know it and you might find a better and neater way of making your project. This is well worth the money for any skill level you might be.

(Posted on 10/29/2011)

(Posted on 10/29/2011)