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Knitting Around the Edge: Bands, Borders and Buttonholes with Nancie Wiseman (Download in HD)

This 2-part workshop is great for knitters of all skill levels to perfect their finishing techniques, such as bands, borders, and buttonholes. Never be disappointed in your knitting again!
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Bands, Borders, and Buttonholes!
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nancie wiseman dvd knitting around the edge

Spacer 10x10 pixelsSpacer 10x10 pixels Expert knitter Nancie Wiseman emphasizes planning your unique finishings even before you knit a stitch on your final project and guides you through the process of decision making with her new video workshop.

Knitting Daily Workshop:
Knitting Around the Edge: Bands, Border, and Buttonholes with Nancie Wiseman
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With Nancie's expert advice and some swatching, you can decide the type of cast-on and bind-off that’s best for your design, plan where the pattern will stand out and work best, and even decide if you need an extra stitch to seam your handwork perfectly. You can make the best design choices so you’re happy with the final outcome.


Knitting Around the Edge: Borders, Buttonholes, and Bands with Nancie Wiseman is a great workshop for knitters of all skill levels. You’ll learn:

• Various types of cast-on and bind-off methods and the pros and cons of each

• Bands, hems, and border ideas; including ribbing, striped ribbing, and non-rib techniques

• How to knit eyelet, vertical, one-row, and loop buttonholes

• I-cord methods such as applied, garter stitch, reverse stockinette, and closures

• And much more!
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Finishing techniques take patience and understanding, but with this video workshop, you’ll find the knowledge you need to develop and perfect your skills.

About the Author

Nancie was a registered nurse when she opened Nancie Knits in Sacramento, California in the 1980s. This began her career of teaching and writing books. To date she has written 11 books on knitting, crochet, and now quilting and created 7 DVDs on knitting. She hastaught in the United States and Canada for over 30 years and loves every minute of it. She has written for Martha Stewart Living and most of the major knitting magazines and many of the notable yarn companies. Nancie now volunteers her time teaching in a woman’s jail every week as well as teaching weekly in her hometown. She is well known for her finishing expertise and designing.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Nancie M. Wiseman

Format: High Definition Video Download

Customer Reviews

Knitting Around the Edge Review by Barbara McCay

This is a great download! Nancie Wiseman takes her time as if she were right with you in the room, so there is no question about what exactly she is doing. I am really happy with this workshop. There are many patterns that tell you to do something ("bind off with i-cord"), but Nancie actually explains how that is done and gives tips along the way. I highly recommend this workshop to those who need or want to improve their finishing techniques. (I always suggest buying the HD downloads! They are worth the extra dollars!)

(Posted on 4/2/12)