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Interweave’s knitting books are great resources for knitting techniques, knit stitches, and knitting patterns. Cast-on and learn techniques for sock knitting, knitted cables, lace knitting, colorwork, and more from top-notch designers. From small knitted accessories and knitted socks to knit home décor and knitting patterns for women, men, and baby knitting, these knitting books focus on tips and techniques for successful knitting.
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  1. No-Sew Knits

    No-Sew Knits

    Learn how to knit sweaters seamlessly in Kristen TenDyke's book, No-Sew Knits! Her patterns are not only attractive, they are constructed beautifully with lovely shaping and no assembly required. Learn More

    Item Number: 14KN10

    Availability: Pre-Order

    Was: $25.99

    Sale: $17.49

  2. First Frost

    First Frost

    Join knitting designer Lucinda Guy as she uses traditional Scandinavian techniques to create garments pleasing to a modern eye. Learn More

    Item Number: 14KN06

    Availability: Pre-Order

    Was: $24.99

    Sale: $19.58

  3. Twigg Stitch

    Twigg Stitch

    Reversible knitting like you have never seen before! Knitting designer Vicki Twigg, author of Twigg Stitch, will teach you a brand new, never-before-seen technique to create a truly reversible projects! Learn More

    Item Number: 14KN07

    Availability: Pre-Order

    Was: $27.99

    Sale: $18.77

  4. Brioche Chic

    Brioche Chic

    Enjoy a modern take on brioche stitch with these 22 gorgeous wearable garments and accessories in Brioche Chic! Learn More

    Item Number: 14KN08-EP7206-GROUPED

    Availability: Pre-Order

    Starting at: $24.29

  5. Graphic Knits

    Graphic Knits

    Graphic Knits is a must-have for the fashion-forward modern knitter. Enjoy knitting 20 bold and colorful designs! Learn More

    Item Number: 14KN04-EP6718-GROUPED

    Availability: Pre-Order

    Starting at: $20.28

  6. Faux Taxidermy Knits

    Faux Taxidermy Knits

    Go wild with this collection of knitting patterns for faux taxidermy, the latest trend in home decor. Learn More

    Item Number: T3082-T6038-GROUPED

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $17.36

  7. Knitting Wizardry

    Knitting Wizardry

    Enter a world filled with transformative knits, empowering mythology, and classic garments in this collection of 27 knitting patterns! Learn More

    Item Number: 14KN23-EP8750-GROUPED

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $13.56

  8. Everyday Lace

    Everyday Lace

    Everyday Lace is packed full of simple garments and accessories for everyday life! Learn More

    Item Number: 14KN05-EP6183-GROUPED

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $17.79

  9. Simple Knits Blankets & Throws

    Simple Knits Blankets & Throws

    A fabulous selection of 10 knitting patterns for blankets and throws. Learn More

    Item Number: GROUP-U2922-U7504

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $9.85

  10. Simple Knits Cushions & Pillows

    Simple Knits Cushions & Pillows

    A fantastic selection of 12 knitting patterns for cushions and pillows featuring fabulous designs across a range of styles for the new-to-knitting market. Learn More

    Item Number: GROUP-U2919-U7498

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $9.85

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