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Knitting Daily TV, Epsiode 604 - Customize It! (Download)

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On this episode of Knitting Daily TV, we dive into customization techniques to achieve stunning results. Whether you modify a pattern or substitute yarns to make something yours, this episode will help you showcase your own style!

Getting Started:
Host of Knitting Daily TV Eunny Jang demonstrates three different techniques for working with unique yarns to show them in their best light. First, she shows you a drop stitch technique using an eyelet stitch, which allows you to control where the drop starts and stops. Second, she demonstrates yarn overs for elongated stitches that are then dropped on the next row of knitting. And third, Eunny demonstrates a stitch pattern for interlaced dropped stitches done by wrapping stitches around your needle that are then dropped and crossed over one another. For more tips such as these, download your free copy of 22 Techniques for Knitters of All Levels.

Designer Spotlight:
Shay visits with author of Twist and Knit, Miriam Felton. A lace knitting expert, Miriam demonstrates how to fix wrongly crossed stitch patterns in lace knitting, as well as how to fix a row further back in your pattern using a smaller needle to pick up the row before ripping out your work. Download Miriam's pattern for the green lace Polyphylla Cowl seen on this segment.

Crochet Corner:
Join crochet expert Kristin Omdahl and learn how to crochet in the round with concentric circles, a method often used when crocheting hats. You'll also learn how to crochet in the round with a sprial technique, and then how to fix the jog in your crochet to make the final outcome more uniform. Plus, see first-hand how these techniques work when you switch up the colors in your work, making your crochet piece look vibrant and intriguing.

Laura Bryant and Barry Klein are back with Shay Pendray to discuss more about their new book The Knitter's New Template. Included in the book is an easy way to insert any stitch pattern of your choice into any pattern of your choice, making customization a breeze! This adapting method is done by paying attention to the stitch's multiple and gauge, and then the book does the math for you. Download the free pattern for the Soleil Zig Zag Jacket, seen on this segment.

Quick Tip:
Ribbon yarn is beautiful, but sometimes hard to work with when it turns on itself within your knitting. Eunny demonstrates a quick way to keep your ribbon yarn flat and untwisted. For more tips, download your free eBook of 22 Techniques for Knitters of All Levels.

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