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Knitting Daily TV, Epsiode 606 - Embellishment (Download)

Download Knitting Daily TV's Episode 606 - Embellishments

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On this episode of Knitting Daily TV, we're talking custom embellishments. We'll go over some basic to innovative techniques that will give your fiber projects some final pizzazz.

Getting Started:
Host of Knitting Daily TV Eunny Jang demonstrates three techniques for adding beads to your knitwear. First, she'll show how to pre-string beads onto the yarn an inch at a time to preserve the wear and tear on the yarn, using a sewing needle and thread for easy pre-stringing. Second, she'll show how to place the beads on the front of the knitting, by slipping stitches purl-wise. And third, she'll demonstrate a technique that requires no pre-stringing but rather using beading wire. For more tips from Eunny and guests of Knitting Daily TV, download your free eBook of 22 Techniques for Knitters of All Levels.

Designer Spotlight:
Shay is on location with popular author Louisa Harding to discuss her new book Knitting in the Details (Interweave, 2010). Louisa's love of collecting custom elements and involving them in her final knitwear designs add a feminine and originial twist to her knitwear. Download the free pattern for Louisa's Poppy Beanie, seen on this segment.

Crochet Corner:
Expert crocheter Kristin Omdahl talks about textural crochet stitches on this addition of Crochet Corner. She demonstrates shell cord and how to weave the shell cord into fabric, as seen on the Heidi Scarf from her book Wrapped in Crochet.

Laura Bryant and Barry Klein are back to discuss necklines, and how to customize any pattern with your choice of necklines. Their new book The New Knitter's Template dives into all the measurements, making your customizations even easier. Add extra stitches to a boatneck for a cowl-effect and give the illusion of shaping. Add a funnel neckline to avoid having to shape a garments neckline. Or, choose a deepor shallow V neckline, popular in many cardigans.

Quick Tips:
Eunny is back to demonstrate a modified mattress stitch, a simple way to seam your bulky knits. For more tips, download your free version of 22 Techniques for Knitters of All Levels.

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