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Knitting Daily TV, Episode 907 - Ruches and Welts
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Join host Eunny Jang on another episode of Knitting Daily TV that dives into horizontal and vertical ruching and welting techniques. Plus, you'll learn a fun cast-on for a cute, easy-to-knit hat and all about camelid yarns.
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Getting Started:
Eunny demonstrates horizontal ruching and welting techniques on this episode's Getting Started segment. These easy-to-add knitting elements will add fun details, texture, and depth to your knitwear.
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Eunny is wearing the Briar Rose Tunic by Elisabeth Parker, from the Winter 2011 issue of Interweave Knits magazine. 

Accessorize Me!
Eunny meets up with Kristin Omdahl on this episode's Accessorize Me! segment to demonstrate the invisible cast-on for the Amstel hat, a cute beret that is knit from the top down. Download your Amstel hat pattern and knit along with Kristin and Eunny.
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Yarn Spotlight:
On this episode's yarn spotlight Eunny Jang and Clara Parkes go into the Knitting Lab to discuss camelid blends. What is a camelid yarn and what are the best uses for these fibers? Featured on this episode is Kelbourne Woolen's Road to China yarn. This 3-ply strong, soft, shiny, and drapey yarn has a lot of body. It lends itself well to comfy, cozy projects. Also seen on this yarn spotlight is Grignasco's Tikal baby alpaca yarn (pink).
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Quick Tip:
Eunny finishes this show with a quick tip for vertical ruching with slipped stitches. Seen here is the Seashell Skirt by Kristin Omdahl, featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Interweave Knits magazine. This skirt uses vertical ruching to create a ruffled hem.
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