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Knitting Daily TV Series 1200 with Vickie Howell

Join new host of Knitting Daily TV Vickie Howell on the 12th season of the popular how-to television show for knitters and crocheters, full of tips, techniques, and patterns. Plus, this season has more guest stars than ever before.


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Knitting Daily TV Series 1200 with Vickie Howell DVD
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Knitting Daily TV Series 1200 with Vickie Howell Video Download

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Take time to Knit Daily!


Knitting Daily TV Series 1200, Episode 1-13

Now available on a 4-disc set,

or instantly download all 13 shows at once!  



Join new host of Knitting Daily TV Vickie Howell on the exciting 12th series of your favorite knitting how-to television show!



Take an exciting look at the world of knitting and crochet with a variety of guest stars, including Interweave Knits editor Lisa Shroyer and Interweave Crochet editor Marcy Smith.


Learn new techniques, discover knitting history, and pick up the latest fashion and knitting trends as Vickie visits with top knitting and crochet pros.

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Every episode of Knitting Daily features one-of-a-kind projects, trendsetting designers, and more. These season features:
  • More How-to Segments! Each show has two in-depth looks at crochet or knitting techniques from Susan B. Anderson, Simona Merchant-Dest, Drew Emborsky, and Barry Klein. Join these well-known designers for knitting techniques from basic to advanced, and find great projects to knit or crochet along.
  • Space to Space: A new virtual travel experience that allows viewers to connect with international and local knitting personalities such as Erika Knight, Marly Bird, Carol Feller, Steven Be, Allison Hoffman, Sarah White, and Ragga Eiríksdóttir from their home studios. Vickie interviews guest stars across the digital divide to bring the world of knitting closer together. Even meet Olympic medalist Jayson Hale at his home with a great crafty story.
  • Tools of the Trade: A new segment hosted by knitting author Tanis Gray designed to bring viewers the latest cool new products and yarns. You'll have a wish list of items to shop for at your local yarn shop with each episode's featured products.   
  • Loose Ends: Vickie wraps up each episode with a clever tip to make your knitting and crochet life simpler. From knitting cables without a cable needle to easy ways to pick your next colorwork project, this segment is truly one that all crafters will benefit from seeing.

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Knitting Daily TV Series 1200 with Vickie Howell is filmed with you in mind!


Knitting Daily TV is a program for knitters (and crocheters) of all skill levels. Whether you've just started to knit and want to pick up basic techniques or you've been knitting for years and want to dive into unique projects, this television series has something for everyone.

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Check out some of the tips and techniques on this series!   

  • Sock knitting guru Kate Atherley demonstrates the ins and outs of the sock gusset, and Andi Smith shows how to knit and afterthought heel.  
  • Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn demonstrate the Swedish technique of Bohus knitting.
  • Mary Colucci shares great charity knitting and crochet projects, and Julia Madill demonstrates a crochet motif that can be used for a good cause.
  • Rebecca Danger takes knitted amigurumi to a whole new level with fun ways to add personality to your stuffed toys.
  • Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark demonstrates the basics of brioche knitting.
  • Knit for children, babies, and even dolls with Brandy Fortune's tips for knitting on a smaller scale.
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Knitting Daily TV Series 1200 is available on a 4-disc DVD Set,
or download all 13 episodes instantly for over 5 hours of how-to television!  


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Customer Reviews

Disappointing Review by Patricia L

I was surprised when I saw the first episode on my PBS station, and very disappointed.
The SKYPE segments are awful....not well presented, at all.
The knitting tips are so inane , and not useful at all.
I gave this show three viewings to make sure, but sorry. This is just terrible.
Since I will be deleting them from my DVR, I certainly won't be purchasing any.
I will go back and purchase older years, but not this one, and certainly not with Vickie Howell.
AWFUL girls, up your game !!

(Posted on 4/1/14)

So disappointed! Review by Sue

First of all, I seldom write reviews for much of anything. However, in this case I can't keep quiet any longer. I have watched the 1200 series programs that have been broadcast in my area. It in no way compares to the previous series.
I really loved the former series, and thought Eunny Jang, Kristen Omdahl et al. were wonderful! I loved the guests they had on the shows, especially Barry Klein and Laura Bryant.
There is absolutely NO reason for the Skype segments. I would prefer to see the designers interacting with the hosts in person. And while Tannis Gray is probably a very nice person, her segment is particularly useless since she doesn't identify any of the products she 'reviews'.
Thanks for listening.

(Posted on 3/21/14)

One Star Because I Won't Be Buying It Review by MaryH

I catch an occasional episode when it airs on my local PBS station. I am ambivalent about how much I actually learn, but I enjoy the guests. I would love to have the entire season as a download but $39.99? Seriously? That is so overpriced I couldn't enjoy it if it I did purchase it. My price point would be under $10. Sorry KD … you've priced me out of your market.

(Posted on 3/15/14)

Terrible season Review by Mary

I'm sorry I wasted my money on this season (I wish I would have purchased another past season with Eunny et al to add to my collection. This "new" KD is so simplistic, I wouldn't even recommend it for a beginner knitter. Not only is it simple, in many cases it is wrong. In the first episode Vickie asks the designer if she is using a cable cast on because it's a stretchy cast on, and she said yes. All of my techniques books states cable cast ons give a firm edge. Under charity knitting, she recommends sending the military hats made with acrylic yarn. DANGEROUS, as acrylic melts, and will melt into the skin. Also Lisa Schroyer taking credit on her shawl design for the knitted on Icord, which I learned from Elizabeth Zimmerman's book in the early '80's is lame. The blogs on the home page also illustrate the dissatisfaction from my fellow knitters! We watch to learn.

(Posted on 3/3/14)

Moderately Interesting but leaves me searching for info too often Review by Nancy

First, Vickie Howell is a super moderator & even though I don't crochet I don't mind a few tips as there have been occasions when I needed the skill to finish a garment.

I believe the show could be excellent with the following few improvements:
* either drop the tools of the trade segment or start giving out info such as the brand of the item and how to source it. Its format is an inexcusable compromise with your sponsors and a waste of time for your viewers.
* stop the pop-up note "find this (item, pattern, etc on" I invite you to follow that suggestion to identify the show notes. If you don't have a shownote page you are 10 years behind the cheapes podcast out there. Its not only annoying its the main reason I won't be buying another season.
* I don't think I'm too different from many knitters who would want to see at minimum schematics, the name of the pattern and the name of the yarn used when you demo techniques.

(Posted on 2/16/14)

Knitting Daily should be all knitting Review by Beth

Why are you making Knitting Daily, Knitting and Crocheting? I liked last year's Knitting Daily.

(Posted on 2/4/14)

Series 1200 has too much jibber-jabber!!!!!! Review by Deanial

I loved Knitting Daily before this series.What happen?I watched Knitting Daily for the informative techniques.I always learned something.Maybe you should have stopped at series 1100 or changed to Knitting or Crochet Daily.I love Vickie Howell in Knitty Gritty but this is Knitting Daily!!!! I don't want to watch a video phone call (what a time waster) in space to space.Use time wisely.I don't need to see you walk, start next to the guest so they have more time for technique.Stop the unless jibber-jabber and you'll know what I mean.How many times do I have to hear Austin ,Texas.Remember more Technique!!! Also stop sticking extra hands in the knitting shots of the guest, it's distracting.

(Posted on 1/30/14)

A couple of problems with this season Review by Rhonda

I have bought every season so far but not sure I will continue. Although, it is Vickie's first season and I do like her, I might give the show another season to improve. I have a problem with the camera not being completely in focus. Never happened on previous seasons. And I find the 'Tools of the Trade' segment totally useless without the names of the product or yarn so we can look into them further on line. Otherwise, I enjoy the guests who appear to discuss their design or technique and Vickie is very good at interviewing her guests. Just please get a better camera or cameraman to focus for clearer viewing so I won't feel so discombobulated when watching.

(Posted on 1/26/14)

Best Season Ever! Review by Barbara

I LOVE Knitting Daily TV and I LOVE Vickie Howell, so I knew I would LOVE the newest season! And I do!
The format this season just seems to make more sense - each episode covers one subject or technique and I feel that I am really learning a lot about the subject or technique, the yarn that works best, perhaps the history, and maybe some of the details that make it what it is.
Keep it up! I hope Vickie continues as host for a long time!

(Posted on 12/10/13)