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Knitting Daily TV, Series 800 (Download)

Knitting Daily TV Series 800 is now available as a digital download! Enjoy all 13 episodes and 2 bonus knitting tutorials with host Eunny Jang.
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 Fiber-centric Knitting Daily TV's season 800 is available for Download!
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KDTV Series 800 DVD

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Knitting Daily TV Series 800 (Download) 

Travel the world on Knitting Daily TV Series 800 with Portuguese, Armenian, Estonian, and Latvian fiber techniques. Challenge yourself with textural stitches, colorwork, and short-row knitting. Plus, on this upcoming season of Knitting Daily TV, you'll dive into crochet edgings and trims and learn the basics for crocheting with fine yarns and threads.

Each episode of Knitting Daily TV Series 800 includes an in-depth look at knitting techniques such as pleating, I-cord basics, and bias cabling, as well as quick tips for fiber artists on duplicate stitches, mitered knitting, fringe, ruffles, and more. Learn how to care for and clean your handknits, how to measure correctly for a perfect fit, and even how to avoid yarn pilling.

Featured Knitting Daily TV Series 800 guests include Laura Bryant, Connie Chang Chinchio, Kate Gagnon Osborn, Beth Gantz, Courtney Kelley, Barry Klein, Deborah Robson, and Andrea Wong.

Knit along with Knitting Daily and make time for yarn every day!


BONUS! Knitting Daily TV Series 800 (Download) includes 2 never-aired bonus segments with host Eunny Jang. Learn in-depth techniques for Armenian knitting and the Latvian braid.


Knitting Daily TV Series 800 (Download)
Episode Guide:
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801 Needle Art Trends: Learn what's hot in the yarn and needlework market.
802 Top It Off! Learn great finishing techniques, especially for head-turning hats.
803 Color Challenge: Practice your colorwork skills.
804 Take Care: Learn how to care for your handknits and heirlooms.
805 EntreKnits: Learn sculptural knitting techniques, such as entrelac.
806 Help Wanted: Combat common knitting mistakes.
807 Texture It Is: Textural stitches add depth and dimension to knits.
808 A Touch of Whimsy: Play with knitted fringe and ruffles.
809 Carry-All: Celebrate knitted bags, satchels, and clutch purses.
810 Yakkety Yak: Learn about unique fibers, such as yak.
811 Go Global: Armchair travel and learn Portuguese style knitting
812 Get Shorty: Knit short rows upon short rows.Spacer 1x1 pixels
813 Quite Effective:
Learn to make even your simple stitches stand out.
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Plus, Series 800 on DVD includes 2 bonus, in-depth knitting tutorials:
Armenian Knitting with Eunny Jang
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Latvian Braid with Eunny Jang

Order Knitting Daily TV Series 800 (Download) today!
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SKU: EP5409

Format: Standard Definition Video


SKU: EP5409

Format: Standard Definition Video

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