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Knitting Entrelac

Learn entrelac knitting techniques for textural, colorful designs for your handspun yarn.

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Knitting Entrelac DVD

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What is entrelac?


Traditionally, this deceptively simple knitting technique creates small shapes using short row techniques that build upon each other. The overall effect often looks like basketweave as the shapes lean to the right or left and appear to be interlocking.


Kathryn Alexander has spent her career exploring entrelac and has taken the medium in so many directions—not only left and right, but up and out, down and around, swirling, whirling, and every-which-way. She finds that the possibilities with entrelac are literally endless and the surfaces she creates are whimsical and enchanting.


Learn Kathryn's tips and techniques with her video workshop Entrelac Knitting: Surface Design with Yarn. A fun way to use your handspun, you'll add depth and intrigue to your knitted masterpieces.

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With Entrelac Knitting with Kathryn Alexander, you'll:

  • See the sock that inspired Kathryn's amazing career as a spinner and knitter.
  • Add more excitement to your fabric surface by combining entrelac knitting with energized yarns.
  • Learn how to work short rows without turning your work.
  • Learn how to make right-leaning and left-leaning rectangles, triangles, peaks, boxes, and even knitted swirls.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Kathryn Alexander

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Runtime: 118 Minutes

Customer Reviews

QUESTION Review by Anne

Is the full pattern for this sweater included in the DVD? Thanks

(Posted on 7/3/14)

Not vey useful Review by BW

This really isn't a video for a beginner. I'm really sorry I spent the money. I was expecting to learn how to knit entrelac from beginning to end, but what I got was the middle of entrelac. Too many unfamiliar terms used with no explanation. If you don't have some knowledge of the skill, this video won't help you.

(Posted on 2/2/14)

Love this Video Review by Lynnae

I went into this knitting technique knowing basically nothing of how to do entrelac and Kathryn's instruction to the technique is great. She shows you exactly what she is doing and does a great job of explaining. She has so much information to give I had to stop the video often to make sure I was "getting" it. I totally recommend this to beginners. I've been able to work in the round making a hat, and will continue to practice as she has made this such a fun process for me.

(Posted on 1/26/14)

For Designers NOT learning Entrelac. Review by Kathy

She covered many things I would really like to know but the video did not do in a teaching format. Lots of samples of different procedures but not instructions on how and why. Because I really wanted to learn entrelac I kept looking. I am actually LEARNING the HOW on the Crafsy entrelac class.

(Posted on 12/23/13)

reason for low rating Review by Brigitte

I love entrelac and would love to learn more about it.
I have not seen the whole DVD so why write a review you might ask.

Well - throughout the preview there is a most irritating 'whistle' ? 'music' in the background which I find so distracting that I will not buy the DVD unless someone can convince me that it is not part of the actual DVD.

(Posted on 12/10/13)

Great Video Review by Mary

Kathryn takes entrelac to the next level. This video shows how to arrange the basic shapes in different configurations, how to make peaks, boxes, a lace-like fabric. This also includes her method of spinning and finishing her yarns. She also demonstrates how to knit backward, which really helps speed up your knitting.
While not exactly a beginners video, I have already learned so much from it.

(Posted on 11/6/13)

Crazy, awesome advances in entrelac! Review by Sally

Disclosure: I love entelac, am comfortable knitting stockinette entrelac and am teaching a beginning entrelac class. So I'm not learning entrelac from this video. And I don't know Kathryn and am not affiliated with her or Interweave knits.

In the first hour, Kathryn blew my mind no less than four times.

I knew how to knit backwards (aka purl from the knit side or right side) but in one ten second session, she shows how to purl backwards, aka knitting from the purl side. That opened up a bunch of crazy possibilities.

And then she took entrelac into an entirely new dimension. Her discussion of the peak entrelac knitting technique was an epiphany. I want to design a cowl scarf using this technique. It would be insane.

Then designing with triangles. Oh my, I finally had to stop and let some of it sink in. I'll be bookmarking some of these sections to watch over and over.

Her teaching technique is low key but fast paced. Pause and rewind will be in order. Kathryn is a marvelous teacher and appears to be a friendly, likeable, artistic lady.

I would recommend this video highly, but would also recommend you nab a free entrelac scarf pattern of the internet, then try to learn entrelac using a pattern. Then get this video and it will make sense. And completely mess with your head.

(Posted on 10/3/13)

knitting entrelac Review by Thanh Thao

This workshop skip too many steps in entrelac knitting makes it impossible for beginners to watch and know how to knit entrelac after watching the video. For examples: in flat entrelac knitting, the teacher only said left leaning triangle but not how to do it,she already done the left leaning triangle and only show how to do the left leaning rectangle, then to the right leaning rectangle and skip the right leaning triangle, then to the top triangle (filler triangle) which she does not how to do the first filler triangle, she already done it, and only show the middle triangle, then skip the end filler triangle. Next the teacher go on to round entrelac which she already have in the round, without show how to set up entrelac in the round. May be the author assumes that the knitter already know, or able to figure out all the skip steps. I find that youtube do a better job at teaching beginner s new to entrelac knitting.

(Posted on 9/23/13)