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Knitting Daily Workshop Knitting from the Top Down with Wendy Bernard DVD

Learn how to knit sweaters starting with the neckline! Knitwear designer Wendy Bernard shows you how.

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Well-known knitwear designer Wendy Bernard shows you how to knit your sweaters from the top down!

In this workshop video, knitter extraordinaire Wendy Bernard shares her expertise for knitting top-down sweaters. Knit along with her as she demonstrates a top-down raglan pullover and a set-in sleeve cardigan pattern. With the tips and techniques you'll learn from this step-by-step approach, you'll become an expert on knitting from the top down.
With Knitting from the Top Down with Wendy Bernard, you'll learn:
--How to shape necklines, armholes, sleeves, and the bodies of knitted sweaters while knitting from the top down, a method that allows you to try on sweaters while you're knitting them.
--How to customize the fit of any top-down sweater.
--How to place provisional stitches onto live needles.
--How to join sweater sections easily with little or no seaming.
--And much, much more!
Plus! With the purchase of this DVD, you'll receive access to two sweater patterns seen on this video--Wendy's Riverstone Boatneck pullover and Cerulean Cardigan. Enjoy the benefits of knitting from the top down and invite Wendy Bernard into your fiber studio!
About the Author
Wendy Bernard is a knitwear designer and author of the book Custom Knits (Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, 2008). Her designs have appeared in interweave Knits, Knitscene, as well as featured online at Her blog Knit and Tonic chronicles her life and knitting adventures. She lives in Thousand Oaks, California.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Wendy Bernard

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596683242

Customer Reviews

Buy the book instead ! Review by NULL NULL

This is why I am not happy with this DVD: 1- COST. I paid $20 plus, tax, plus $7.50 shipping. So I ended up paying $30, for a video I could have downloaded for $8 on sale!!! When I purchased it the download option was not available. Now, $7,50 shipping for one DVD??!!, Seriously??? This took almost 2 weeks to arrive so I can assure you it was not shipped express or anything... At the max, they probably spend $3-4 on shipping so they are making money out off the shipping charge for sure. At least $3.50. 2- CONTENTS: I really want to start knitting bottom down instead of bottom up, so I bought this DVD instead of the book thinking it would be a more visual way to learn how to adapt regular patterns to knit them that way. That was a mistake. I found myself constantly wanted to see graphics, and better explanations of what I was watching. For instance, the math process involved in calculation the number of stitches, etc. It was hard to understand what was she doing without having a print-out of the pattern she was talking about. I wish she had concentrated in giving a more detail explanation of the pattern she was working on, instead of wasting time, saying and partially explaining basic techniques that should be considered already known. In other words, she mentions a lot of things but does not explain anything in depth. Like other people on Amazon mentioned, some of the camera shots are too far away to be able to see what she is doing. I found the DVD to be slow and boring. There are a lot of awkward silent moments in it. 3-PROMISED PATTERNS: She constantly talks about how you get the patterns when you purchase the DVD, but it doesn't explain how to get them. Do we have to log in Interweave web-site to get it? Is it hidden in the DVD? I am going to try to put the DVD in the computer and see if the patterns are in there somewhere. Overall this was not a good investment. I am going to buy the book instead. I wish I could return this. I think I am going to call customer service and ask.

(Posted on 1/24/11)