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Knitting Green eBook: Conversations and Planet Friendly Projects

Go a little greener with the new, easy-to-download Knitting Green eBook. You'll find refreshing ideas and projects for earth-friendly knitting.

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"Most of us, knitters included, want to do our part for the planet, but it can be hard to know what that means. What makes a yarn organic? Are natural dyes safer than chemical dyes? From selecting organic yarns to reusing yarns to knitting warm projects (and turning the heat down), there are a variety of ways to knit green.

Leading knitting industry figures, including designers French Girl Kristeen Griffin-Grimes and Kristin Nicholas, yarn company creative director Pam Allen, and writer/editors Amy R. Singer (Knitty) and Clara Parkes (Knitter's Review), offer their perspectives on integrating green principles with their work and lives.

With this earth-friendly Knitting Green eBook, you’ll also find articles and personal essays, Knitting Green includes 22 contemporary projects from top designers for garments, accessories, gifts, and home furnishings, all designed to use earth-friendly yarns or to serve an earth-friendly purpose. In addition to Ann Budd, designers include Pam Allen, Mags Kandis, Deborah Newton, Vicki Square, and more.

The collection has a wearable but fashionable feel (similar to Interweave's Style series) projects are current without being trendy. These appealing, innovative designs give knitters a sense that they are helping the planet while making beautiful and useful knits.

Each designer interprets the challenge of ""knitting green"" in her own way: reducing disposable plastic bags, facilitating an alternative to chemical detergent, using fiber that would otherwise go to waste, and keeping wearers warm or cool without using energy. Go a little greener with the Knitting Green eBook! "
Table of Contents

The Gray of Green - Clara Parks
Eco Vest - Katie Himmelberg
Solstice Skirt - Cecily Glowick MacDonald
Soap Nut Vessels - Kristen TenDyke
The Meaning of Organic - Pam Allen
Allegoro Lace Tunic - Therese Chynoweth
Back-to-Nature Hat - Michele Rose Orne
Soy-Silk Kimono - Vicki Square
A Shop Owner’s Dilemma - Lisa R. Myers
All-(North)American Hoodie - Véronik Avery
Better Baby Rattle - Katie Himmelberg
Tree-Hugger Pullover - Therese Chynoweth
It’s Not Easy Knitting Green - Sandi Wiseheart
Honor-the-Buffalo Socks and Mitts - Ann Budd
Cunene River Pullover - JoLene Treace
Commuter Knapsack - Deborah Newton
Touching the Sun through Fiber - Carmen S. Hall
Videvik Shawl - Nancy Bush
Sustainable Bamboo Scarf - Ann Budd
Cotton Comfort Bear - Michele Rose Orne
Knitting Stone-Age Style - Kristeen Griffin-Grimes
Caterina Wrap - Kristeen Griffin-Grimes
On-the-Go Bike Basket-Purse - Kim Hamlin
It’s All About the Color - Darlene Hayes
Organic Sprout Tank - Pam Allen
Ode to Sheep - Kristin Nicholas
Save-the-Streams Slippers - Kim Hamlin
Blue Cloud Afghan - Ann Budd
Paris Recycled - Mags Kandis
Too Much of a Good Thing? - Amy R. Singer
Green Grocery Bag - Ann Budd

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About the Author
Ann Budd is the best-selling author of The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. She is also the author of Getting Started Knitting Socks, Interweave Presents Knitted Gifts, and Simple Style, and coauthor of Bag Style, Color Style, Lace Style, and Wrap Style. She is a book editor and the former senior editor of Interweave Knits. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

“Avery is one of nearly two dozen contributors to the new book "Knitting Green", a collection of earth friendly patterns and essays about knitting published last week.” – Calgary Herald
“For months I've been looking forward to the release of Ann Budd's newest book, "Knitting Green" (Interweave Press, 2010).  Upon receiving my copy of the book, I curled up in a comfy chair, listened to the breeze blow by the open windows and began reading.  Not all knitting books can hold my attention long enough to flip through each page, cover to cover, but Knitting Green did—I wanted to absorb all it had to tell me, and there was plenty.” – CEY Web-Letter 143
Knitting Green is a helpful and well-crafted effort to point us in a better direction.” – Knitter’s Review

“It's not about being trendy.  It’s about trying to be environmentally friendly.  Ann Budd is right, knitting seems like an environmentally friendly hobby, but being mindful of our impact, our carbon footprint, is more important than ever.” –
"[A] thoughtful book. The items in these pages are both fashionable and functional." – Verena Knitting

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Ann Budd

Format: eBook

ISBN 13: 9781596684249

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