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Knitting Lace for Beginners On Demand Web Seminar

Learn the basics of lace knitting, from stretchy cast-ons, increases and decreases, and even the importance of blocking. Join Sivia Harding on this webinar for beginning lace knitting.

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Many knitters think lace is difficult. But is it really? Once you demystify it, lace is revealed to be the same knits and purls, increases and decreases as in other knitting.


Discover how easy and fun it is to knit beautiful lace projects with this webinar!

Sivia is known for her beautiful lace designs, especially her work with beaded lace. She has inspired students to knit lace in classes all over the United States and Canada.


With this webinar, Sivia gives knitters a great start to beginning lace knitting with information on cast-ons, yarn, and gauge. She introduces lace stitches, explains basic chart reading, and offer tips for keeping your place while knitting lace. Plus, learn about common errors and fixes for them, finish your lace pieces with bind-offs, and learn the importance of blocking your lace. You'll have the confidence to knit lace in no time!

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What you'll learn in this webinar:
  • A stretchy cast-on method suitable for lace projects
  • What yarns are best for lace knitting
  • How to achieve a good gauge with the proper needle size
  • How to master reading a simple lace chart
  • Tips on how to keep your place while knitting lace
  • How to knit basic lace stitches and their common chart symbols
  • How to recognize common errors and the best ways to repair mistakes in knitted lace
  • How to build accuracy and speed as you practice reading your knitting
  • And more!


Who should attend?

  • Knitters who are new to knitting lace.
  • Knitted who have been frustrated after trying to knit lace.
  • Knitters who want to learn more about choosing the right yarns and needles for their lace project.
  • Knitters who want to become more familiar with chart reading.
  • Knitters who want to explore different lace stitches.
  • Knitters who want to find out why blocking is important for lace.
  • Knitters who want the confidence to knit a lace project from beginning to end.
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Sivia Harding is known for her work with exceptional beaded knits. She learned how to knit in 2000 and has been churning out patterns since 2003. Her self-published work is available on Ravelry, and her designs have appeared in many books and publications, including Twist Collective,, and Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People series.


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Author/Speaker/Editor: Sivia Harding

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Customer Reviews

Not a review Review by Sir Napsalot

This is a question for this product -

Does it include all the pattern instructions and charts for the lace projects from Sivia Harding shown in the promotion advertisement?

(Posted on 7/21/14)

It's an amazing class Review by Tiffany

I'm new to knitting and found this seminar to be easy to follow and VERY helpful. The pattern is easy to read and follow and she is very thorough with her teaching. I always stayed clear of any lace patterns and charts because they were too confusing to understand, but after this class I can see how easy the patterns and charts really are to read and knit. Another wonderful thing about this class is she even goes over how easy it really is to even make your own chart/pattern really can be! I highly recommend this if you want to learn how easy lace knitting really is!

(Posted on 5/9/14)

Nicely done! Review by Judith

I am pleasantly surprised at how simply and expertly Ms. Harding presents on lace knitting. I am quite new to knitting in general and have only knit three basic lace projects. This is a great presentation for someone new to lace knitting and probably for the more experienced as well. I would recommend this webinar to anyone who needs guidance up front.
The presenter is easy to understand and charts and verbal guidance are both very clear.

(Posted on 5/8/14)