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Knitting Little Luxuries: Beautiful Accessories to Knit

Beautiful photography, contemporary designs, and the appeal of small, quick-to-knit projects will make Knitting Little Luxuries your new favorite.

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Pamper yourself and your friends with luxurious knitted gifts that can be made in no time. From a sumptuous striped cloche hat to a sophisticated wrap with delicate embroidery to fingerless mittens with lace edging, these quick-and-easy projects are stylish, luxurious, use small amounts of yarn, and can be created by even the novice knitter.

Knitting Little Luxuries is divided into four evocative chapter groups that showcase unique design elements and style trends. "Eclectic and Quirky" features projects with special embellishments, stitch structures, and yarn combinations. "Textured and Modern" features interesting stitch fabrics and design constructions that turn convention upside down. "Pretty and Feminine" uses luxury fibers, texture, and lace stitches. "Traditional and Folk" makes use of stitch patterns such as Fair Isle and Aran, all with a modern twist. Projects range from hats, mittens, purses, wraps, tops, scarves, socks, and sweaters, and include additional variations using different yarns, edgings, stitches, or embellishments to provide extra inspiration for personalization.

Beautiful photography, contemporary designs, and the appeal of small, quick-to-knit projects will make Knitting Little Luxuries the new favorite of both beginning and experienced knitters looking for gorgeous gifts to knit.

Reviews: "Full of feminine (and some very girly) projects that are both classic in style and modern in interpretation." Guide to Knitting

"It is great to have a book of paterns that make quick to knit, but luxurious gifts."-Knitting News

"Don't be surprised if you find yourself humming "I Enjoy Being a Girl" as you flip through Harding's latest collection."-Yarn Market News

Table of Contents


Eclectic and Quirky - This chapter uses embellishments, stitch structures, and yarn combinations to show how different styles can be mixed.
  • Cecily Beanie- This basic hat can be knitted very quickly, and then it becomes a blank canvas for unleashing creative ideas.
  • Daphne Purse- This purse was inspired by the wonderful embroidered straw bags popular in the 1950s.
  • Elsie Mittens- These basic mittens are knitted flat and seamed afterwards, making them the ideal canvas for adding embroidered embellishment.
  • Alice Beret- The soft, chalky pastel stripes of this jaunty tam remind me of 1920s bathing suits and swimming caps, while its shape hints at the cheeky fashions of the flapper era.
  • Dottie Wrap- This simple but quirky knitted wrap is embellished with blanket stitch and buttons.
  • Betty Wrap- This delicate and pretty wrap looks far more intricate and complicated to knit than it really is - the colors and lace pattern do all the work, and the yarn is used double for quick knitting.
Textured and Modern - Author Louisa Harding wanted to reflect a modern woman in this chapter by using cables and interesting stitch fabrics.
  • Piper Purse- This bag began as a design experiment when I charted out and knitted an Aran pattern.
  • Dixie Pillow- Worked in different weight yarns, the same pattern can produce two totally different pieces.
  • Alicia Tabard- This simple sleeveless tunic is crossed with a bold braided cable that travels from hip to shoulder on front and back.
  • Emilie Hat- This design is inspired by the cute little pixie hats popular in the 1940s and 1950s, though the glint of silver in the yarn is anything but old-fashioned.
  • Belle Scarf & Wrap- This design uses yarns from opposite ends of the spectrum to create distinctly fresh effects.
Pretty and Feminine - Using color, texture, and lace stitches, the projects in this chapter have a distinctly girly theme.
  • Catherine Purse- This lacy purse is such a versatile pattern - it can be knitted using a wide variety of yarns, in stripes or in a single color, to make something elegant for evening or flirty and colorful to carry every day.
  • Victoria Fingerless Mittens- These cozy fingerless mittens are so simple to knit, but the luxurious yarns and dainty lace edging make them a simple luxurious accessory.
  • Juliet Scarf- This light and airy scarf is knitted in a soft, luxurious angora blend. A rosette brooch knitted in the same sumptuous yarn and finished with a dainty mother-of-pearl button adds a feminine touch while holding the scarf in place.
  • Charlotte Purse- This adorable evening purse is deceptively simple - The basic shape can be knitted in less than an hour, but the options for adding embellishment are endless.
  • Diane Cardigan- This pretty cardigan is the epitome of femininity.
Traditional and Folk - Traditional Fair Isle stitch patterns in the projects in this chapter establish the old-fashioned ambience of warmth and comfort, but with a modern twist.
  • Jane Scarf- This scarf is knitted in a jewel-toned silk-merino blend, creating a colorful interplay of stripes, flowers, and diamonds.
  • Mary Beanie- This hat is an excellent introduction to Fair Isle knitting - The yarn is held double throughout, making it quick to knit up, and the two-color pattern creates a lovely result without juggling several strands of yarn.
  • Emma Hat- This design pairs a very traditional Fair Isle motif with a playful shape - its jester-like corners are finished with charming tassels.
  • Sarah Purse- The simple construction of this little purse lets the color and pattern take center stage.
About the Author

Louisa Harding has been designing knitwear professionally for more than fifteen years. In 2005, she launched a signature line of yarns and design collections in the United States and the United Kingdom, distributed by Knitting Fever. Her designs have appeared in Interweave Knits, Rowan Knitting Magazine, Vogue Knitting, and Knitting Magazine. She has also worked as an in-house designer for Rowan Yarns and Jaeger Handknits. Her previous books include Natural Knits for Babies and Moms (Interweave Press, 2006) and the “Miss Bea” series of children’s handknits. She lives in England.

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