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Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham

Teva Durham is a designer of hand-knit and crochet fashions. Dubbed the "mistress of stitchery" by Ruth La Ferla in The New York Times, Teva founded in 2000 after a stint as a staff editor at Vogue Knitting.

As one of the first online knitting design sites, in its first incarnation, Loop-d-Loop served up Teva's edgy designs along with intriguing text. At that time, Teva created several iconic knit pieces such as The Braided Neckpiece, The Lace Leaf Scarf and the Drawstring Cowl and featured 'real people' models culled from New York City's downtown art, music and dance scene.

Teva has developed a signature range of eight yarns with modern yet artisanal appeal, distributed by Tahki Stacy Charles, specifically suited to her sculptural designs.

Teva creates two pattern collections per year in her yarns to coincide with the Spring and Fall shipments to your local yarn shop.

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  1. Honeycomb Diamond Pullover

    Honeycomb Diamond Pullover

    This pullover is scattered with an abstract composition of openwork medallions. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC042

    Availability: Download Now


  2. High Collar Cape

    High Collar Cape

    This quick & easy-to-knit cape is a play on 3 simple rectangle pieces knit with 3 yarns held together. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC044

    Availability: Download Now


  3. Capelet with Buttons

    Capelet with Buttons

    Deep furrows of purl stitches between bands of knit form an accordion-like capelet to warm the shoulders. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC047

    Availability: Download Now


  4. Coat with Leaf Motif

    Coat with Leaf Motif

    With its tailored silhouette, you'd never guess that this coat is knit in one piece from the top down. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC048

    Availability: Download Now


  5. Crossed Ribs Vest

    Crossed Ribs Vest

    This quick-knit asymmetrical vest gives the illusion of crossing columns of ribs, created with simple cables. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC051

    Availability: Download Now


  6. Double-Cabled Belt

    Double-Cabled Belt

    This hip-slung belt has a fun cable pattern with enough twists and turns to keep you knitting attentively. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC085

    Availability: Download Now


  7. Mesh-and-Rib Skullcap

    Mesh-and-Rib Skullcap

    This textured cap has French Riviera flair. (BTW - it coordinates with the Mesh-and-Rib Pullover.) Learn More

    Item Number: TSC019

    Availability: Download Now


  8. Peasant Blouse

    Peasant Blouse

    An exquisitely soft, yet structured, blouse with a modern asymmetrical play on cables. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC036

    Availability: Download Now


  9. Textured Stitch Pullover

    Textured Stitch Pullover

    There's great stitch definition in this richly textured pullover with a slouchy, cozy neckline. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC039

    Availability: Download Now


  10. Babydoll Tunic

    Babydoll Tunic

    A timely silhouette to wear over leggings, this is a fun knit with stripe patterns in a variety of yarns and gauges. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC014

    Availability: Download Now


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