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Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham

Teva Durham is a designer of hand-knit and crochet fashions. Dubbed the "mistress of stitchery" by Ruth La Ferla in The New York Times, Teva founded in 2000 after a stint as a staff editor at Vogue Knitting.

As one of the first online knitting design sites, in its first incarnation, Loop-d-Loop served up Teva's edgy designs along with intriguing text. At that time, Teva created several iconic knit pieces such as The Braided Neckpiece, The Lace Leaf Scarf and the Drawstring Cowl and featured 'real people' models culled from New York City's downtown art, music and dance scene.

Teva has developed a signature range of eight yarns with modern yet artisanal appeal, distributed by Tahki Stacy Charles, specifically suited to her sculptural designs.

Teva creates two pattern collections per year in her yarns to coincide with the Spring and Fall shipments to your local yarn shop.

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  1. Folkloric Blouse

    Folkloric Blouse

    The ruffled styling is borrowed from Eastern European peasant dance blouses. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC023

    Availability: Download Now


  2. Duster Vest

    Duster Vest

    A long, slinky, form-flattering vest that will become your go-to layering piece. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC031

    Availability: Download Now


  3. Cornelia Counterpane Cardigan

    Cornelia Counterpane Cardigan

    The front of this boatneck pullover is formed with an arrangement of counterpane squares. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC032

    Availability: Download Now


  4. Minetta Vest

    Minetta Vest

    A bold lace pattern is turned on its side to form a dramatic front openings and collar for this jaunty long vest. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC033

    Availability: Download Now


  5. Sheridan Cardigan

    Sheridan Cardigan

    This timelessly feminine cardigan flaunts twisted ribbing and an embossed stitch pattern. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC034

    Availability: Download Now


  6. Barrow Bag

    Barrow Bag

    A roomy knitted satchel that features a grid of interwoven cubes depicted in textural stitches. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC035

    Availability: Download Now


  7. Vintage Striped Pullover

    Vintage Striped Pullover

    This simply-styled pullover has a few special touches - garter stitch accents and quirky elbow patches. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC052

    Availability: Download Now


  8. Cabled Bag

    Cabled Bag

    A small chain of cabled borders and a dramatic cable repeat span this canteen-shaped bag. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC081

    Availability: Download Now


  9. Handkerchief Top

    Handkerchief Top

    Two simple squares are turned sideways and attached at the shoulders - it's QUARTZ's great drape that makes it special. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC083

    Availability: Download Now


  10. Cropped Jacket

    Cropped Jacket

    The fitted look of this safari-style brioche stitch jacket is achieved with minimal shaping that's easy to achieve. Learn More

    Item Number: TSC087

    Availability: Download Now


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