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Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn eBook

Unravel the mystery of handpainted sock yarn and learn how you can use the yarn to its fullest potential with the easy-to-download Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn eBook.

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Unravel the mystery of handpainted yarn with the handy eBook!

Handpainted sock yarns have captured the hearts of countless knitters. Colorful sock yarns are little gems of the knitting universe, providing hours of knitting bliss that result in a luxurious hand-crafted items. Author Carol Sulcoski, owner of Black Bunny Fibers, a popular indie fiber sock yarn source, delves into the mystery of the handpainted sock yarn and divulges its secrets, explains how to make the best of these much-loved yarns, and shows how to knit with success with 20 new patterns designed just with these yarns in mind.

Knitters struggle with handpainted yarns. How do you design projects with them versus other types of yarns? How do you avoid the pitfalls of pooling and splotching? How do you combine multicolored handpaints with other types of yarns? Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn is designed to provide sock knitters with technical guidance so these wonderful yarns can be used to their best advantage, explaining the differences between various kinds of handpainted yarn and showing how to avoid undesirable effects. Combining her handdyeing and knitwear designing knowledge, Carol shares techniques and tips to help every sock knitter turn out fabulous footwear. Fun, original sock patterns from a variety of contributors illustrate these techniques. The patterns will be written for widely-available handdyed yarns so that readers can get the same results, but readers will also learn to identify patterns for their unique yarns. Use handpainted yarn to its fullest potential with this must-have eBook.

Table of Contents
The Road to Handpainted Happiness
Before You Start
About Mutlicolored Yarns
Class by Color
Two More Color Tips
Color Me Confident
Pooling Be Gone!

Longbourn Socks- Kristi Schueler
Zizag Lace Anklets- Pam Grushkin
Punctuated Rib Socks- Ann Budd
Staccato Socks- Veronik Avery
Copper Penny Socks- Nancy Bush
Color Collision Socks- Chrissy Gardiner
Split-Toe Sweethearts- Priscilla Gibson-Roberts
Whirlpool Socks- Laura Nelkin
Herringbone Rib Socks- Kristi Schueler
Schooner Socks- Charlene Schurch
Corrugated Stripe Socks- Courtney Kelley
Flame Thrower Socks- Lorna Miser
Chevvy Socks- Jody Pirrelo
Spot Check Socks- Beth Parrott
Potpourri Socks- Deb Barnhill
Spread Spectrum Socks- Elizabeth Ravenwood
Escher Socks- Lorna Miser
Goldengrove Socks- Mindy Soucek
Rib Fantastic Socks- Barb Brown
Switcheroo Socks- Carol J. Sulcoski

About the Author

Carol Sulcoski is the owner of Black Bunny Fibers, an independent company creating hand-dyed yarns and spinning fiber. As a knitting designer, she has had designs published by,,, and in Big Girl Knits (Potter Craft). She is a staff member Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia and regularly designs for the RosieKnits pattern line. She is the author of the knitting blog GoKnitInYourHat and is a co-author of Knit So Fine (Spring 2008).


"If you're new to hand dyed yarn or struggling with pooling, then you'll appreciate the information in the front of the book.... It'll help you understand why different yarns knit up so differently, and make it easier to choose the right pattern for each skein."--Simply Knitting, February 2010

"Some really nice sock patterns, but it’s the chapters at the beginning about how to use handpainted yarn that I really love."

"Ever fallen in love with a skein of handpainted yarn, only to be disappointed with the way the sock turned out in the end? This book explains [their] special features."

SKU: EP4333

Author/Speaker/Editor: Carol Sulcoski

Format: eBook

ISBN 13: 9781596689947

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