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Free Knitting Tips, Advice, and Articles from the Knitting Daily Shop

Welcome to the Knitting Daily Shop. Dedicated to the love of knitting, this shop features some of the best and brightest knitters in the world and a broad selection of knitting books, videos, and resources for all your knitting needs. Along with our commitment to bring you the best products to help you succeed, you'll discover a new learning opportunity with free knitting tips, advice, and articles to help knitters of all abilities learn and grow in the world of knitting. Read all our featured free articles to further your knowledge and improve your knitting skills.
Knitting Instructions for Beginners

Beginner Knitting

When you are learning to knit, the options can be overwhelming. Have no fear! We're here to help point you in the right direction with knitting basics and tips for beginner success. This guide takes you through casting on and two essential stitches along with recommending resources for each step along the way.

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How to Block Knitting

Blocking Knitting

To block or not? Discover proven tips for blocking knitting and blocking basics. Then learn three wet-blocking knitting techniques and how to steam block, all on one helpful guide.

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How to Knit Cables Guide

Cable Knitting

When it comes to cable knitting, it’s best to start with the basics. With this free guide to how to knit cables, you’ll learn about left and right crosses, working with cables, and even how to fix a mistake.

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Getting Started: Entrelac Knitting

Entrelac Knitting

Entrelac may look complicated, but it's actually more straightforward than you'd think. We'll help you understand the basics of knitting entrelac, including row by row how the pattern comes together, plus point you in the direction of entrelac videos and books to help you begin or advance your skills.

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How to knit intarsia

Intarsia Knitting

Intarsia or "picture knitting" is a unique knitting technique to create colorful designs on your knitted pieces. In this guide you'll learn all the basics of intarsia and discover the best resources to get you started. Plus, we've included a must-know tip for joining a new color smoothly.

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Guide to Knitting Patterns and Knitted Sweaters for Men

Knitting for Men

Sweaters to knit that he'll actually wear? It's easier than you think. This page is dedicated to helping you find your guys style, and narrowing down the options for the perfect knitting pattern to give to the men in your life.

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Knitting Patterns for Pets

Knitting for Pets

Share your love of knitting with favorite four legged friends, with this guide to knitting for pets. Get tips for how to knit toys that are safe, favorite patterns and books for your pet pattern needs, plus a tutorial on how to measure your dog for a sweater pattern.

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How to Knit a Sweater That Fits You

Sweater Knitting

You too can knit a sweater that will fit you perfectly; there are just a few important things to remember. From learning to measure everything to finding the right pattern to begin with, this guide will help you gain the confidence to cast on a new sweater.

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