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Featuring some of the top knitting magazines, discover all there is to love about Interweave Knits and Knitscene knitting magazines and special issues such as Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts, knit.wear, Knitscene Accessories, and more. Each helpful issue cover topics such as noteworthy knitting news, knitting product reviews, in-depth knitting technique tutorials, and knitting patterns for women, men, and children, and even knitted accessories and knitting projects for the home.

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  1. Piecework, 1 Year Subscription

    Piecework, 1 Year Subscription

    Get your Piecework subscription started today! Learn More


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  2. Knitscene subscription

    Knitscene subscription

    Each issue of Knitscene is packed with knitting patterns that are simple but intriguing, stylish but wearable, and designed for knitters of all ages and sizes. If you are just learning how to knit, are looking for knitting techniques, or just want more approachable knitting patterns, Knitscene is for you. Learn More


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  3. Interweave Knits Fall 2013

    Interweave Knits Fall 2013

    The Fall issue of Interweave Knits highlights new heirloom knits, colorwork, dropped stitches and diagonal graphics. Kristin Omdahl explains joined motifs and we learn about the yarn seer, Clara Parkes. Learn More

    Item Number: K1308-EP6569-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $6.99

  4. Interweave Knits Gifts 2013

    Interweave Knits Gifts 2013

    Feature 41 knits to give and recieve, this Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts special issue magazine has one-skein scarves, knitted lace and cables, and more. Learn More

    Item Number: KG1300-EP6570-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $6.00

  5. The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits

    The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits

    Experience 26 knitting patterns inspired by the popular drama series Downton Abbey. Sophistication meets style with shawls, jackets, vests, and more!

    Due to copyright restriction, the Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits is not availiabe outside of the US.

    Learn More

    Item Number: DA1300-EP6582-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $6.00

  6. knit.wear Fall/Winter 2013

    knit.wear Fall/Winter 2013

    This issue of knit.wear has 24 thoughtful knitting patterns, knitting techniques for colorblocking, knitted cables on the bias, and more. Learn More

    Item Number: KR1310-EP6571-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $6.00

  7. Knitscene, Winter, 2013

    Knitscene, Winter, 2013

    Knitscene Winter is the perfect magazine for cozy knits with 24 knitting patterns worked in delicious yarns, tubular cast-ons, and a look at international designs.
    Learn More

    Item Number: KS1312-EP6576-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $3.20

  8. Jane Austen Knits 2013

    Jane Austen Knits 2013

    Dive into 31 knitting patterns inspired by Jane Austen and the Regency era in which she lived, discover the history of dorset buttons, and more in the Jane Austen Knits 2013 special issue. Learn More

    Item Number: JA1300-EP6608-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $6.00

  9. Sockupied Spring 2014 eMag

    Sockupied Spring 2014 eMag

    Dive into the science of sock knitting with the Spring 2014 Sockupied interactive eMag. This tech issue has six knitted sock patterns, a designer profile with Kate Atherley, and more. Learn More

    Item Number: EMK014

    Availability: Download Now


  10. Sockupied Fall 2014 eMag for Mac and PC

    Sockupied Fall 2014 eMag for Mac and PC

    The Fall 2014 interactive Sockupied eMag has tips for making super long-lasting socks, 6 new sock patterns, and a designer profile with Lucy Neatby. Learn More

    Item Number: EMK015

    Availability: Download Now


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