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  1. Knitter's Guide to Color Kit

    Knitter's Guide to Color Kit

    Join knitwear designer Laura Bryant as you explore color and bring excitement to your knitting with the Knitter's Guide to Color Kit! Learn More

    Item Number: T6121

    Availability: In stock

    Was: $54.49

    Sale: $41.00

  2. XOX Tee Pattern

    XOX Tee Pattern

    Women's pullover tunic-length tee with XO cables. Learn More

    Item Number: EP9640

    Availability: Download Now


  3. Bohemian Tee Pattern

    Bohemian Tee Pattern

    Women's boxy pullover tee with geometric eyelet patterns and drawstring. Learn More

    Item Number: EP9655

    Availability: Download Now


  4. V-Line Tee Pattern

    V-Line Tee Pattern

    Women's pullover lace tunic-length tee, perfect as a layering piece for any weather! Learn More

    Item Number: EP9657

    Availability: Download Now


  5. Botanic Pullover Pattern

    Botanic Pullover Pattern

    Loose fitting rectangular pullover with botanic stitch pattern, perfect for any weather! Learn More

    Item Number: EP9659

    Availability: Download Now


  6. Zigzag Mesh Pullover Pattern

    Zigzag Mesh Pullover Pattern

    Women's pullover sweater with zigzag ribbing and mesh stitch patterns. Learn More

    Item Number: EP9661

    Availability: Download Now


  7. Bold Stripes Wrap Pattern

    Bold Stripes Wrap Pattern

    Striped shoulder wrap. Learn More

    Item Number: EP9663

    Availability: Download Now


  8. Bolt Tee Pattern

    Bolt Tee Pattern

    Women's pullover tee with bolt stripe across front and back. Learn More

    Item Number: EP9665

    Availability: Download Now


  9. Knit.Wear 2011-2013 Collection

    Knit.Wear 2011-2013 Collection

    Together in one collection, you get all four issues of knit.wear magazine from 2011-2013! Learn More

    Item Number: 14KN30-EP9048-GROUPED

    Availability: Pre-Order

    Starting at: $10.00

  10. Aran Lace Knitting DVD

    Aran Lace Knitting DVD

    Discover the creative combination of knitting lace and cables together in Aran Lace Knitting with Stephannie Tallent! Learn More

    Item Number: 14KN17

    Availability: In stock


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