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Knitwear Design Workshop A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits Paperback

With Knitwear Design Workshop, you'll learn all the tricks of the trade for designing with step-by-step instructions for using measurements, calculations, and schematics.

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Discover how to create your own dramatic and unique knitwear with Shirley Paden's hit book—now in paperback!

Expert knitwear designer Shirley Paden approaches Knitwear Design Workshop as she does her design classes—teaching through example. With her new book, you'll learn all the tricks of the trade for designing with step-by-step instructions for using measurements, calculations, and schematics.

Knitwear Design Workshop is your backstage pass to the world of design. Inside you'll discover:
  • How to design double-tapered, single-tapered, and reverse-tapered garments with sleeves or sleeves caps that fit;
  • Designing with armholes, necklines, neckbands, and collars and labels;
  • A clearer understanding of commercial pattern instructions;
  • Ways to improve your attention to detail with a meaningful test swatch;
  • Stronger knowledge of proper body or garment measurements;
  • How to handle design challenges in a variety of garments such as cardigans, skirts, and dresses;
  • And much more!
Perfectly packaged in its new paperback format, Knitwear Design Workshop is chock full of in-depth information, including measuring a gauge, working silhouette and fit, designing with stitch patterns, selecting color, and yarn characteristics. Also included in this helpful resource are four breathtaking projects—great for both design inspiration and creation! You won’t regret adding the paperback of Knitwear Design Workshop to your go-to collection.
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Spacer 10x10 pixelsPictured: Pea Coat, Double Leaves & Twists Duster, Cabled Coat with Cape Collar, Twisted Flowers Pullover
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Table of Contents


CHAPTER ONE: Planning Your Design
Researching and Refining an Idea
Layout of the Design Idea
-Taking Measurements
-Understanding Ease
-Selecting a Body Shape and Drawing a Schematic
Classic Silhouette Worksheet
Dropped-Shoulder Worksheet
Double-Taper Worksheet
Single-Taper Worksheet
Reverse-Taper Worksheet
CHAPTER TWO: Selecting the Fabric
Choosing the Yarn
-Fiber Content
-Yarn Construction
-Yarn Weight Classification
Choosing a Pattern Stitch
Understanding Pattern Stitch Instructions
-Combining Pattern Stitches
The Gauge Swatch
-Measuring Gauge
Translating Measurements to Numbers of Stitches and Rows
CHAPTER THREE: Classic Silhouette Pullover
Classic Silhouette
Classic Body Worksheet
Sleeve Worksheet
CHAPTER FOUR: Alternate Silhouettes
Dropped Shoulder
Modified Drop Shoulder
Double-Tapered Body
Single-Tapered Body
Reverse-Tapered Body
Center Closure
Overlapping Front Bands
Independent Overlapping Bands
Overlapping Fronts
Rounded Front Edges
One-Piece Construction
CHAPTER SIX: Skirts and Dresses
Straight Skirt
-Side-Seam Shaping
-Stacked Circular Decreases
A-Line Skirt
CHAPTER SEVEN: Alternate Armhole Shaping
Classic Raglan
Circular Yoke
Classic Saddle Shoulder
CHAPTER EIGHT: Sleeves and Cuffs
Straight Sleeve
Lantern Sleeve
Gathered-Top Sleeve
Short Sleeve
-Classic Fold-Back Cuff
-Bell Cuff
-Placket Cuff
Classic Boatneck
Square Neckline
Round Neckline
CHAPTER TEN: Neckbands, Collars, and Lapels
Neckbands and Collars
-Straight Collar
-Split Collar
-Turtleneck Collar
-Mock Turtleneck Collar
-Cowl Collar
-Peter Pan Collar
-Large Round-Yoke Collar
-Large Round Collar
-Horizontal Shawl Collar
-Classic Vertical Shawl Collar
-Wide Vertical Shawl Collar
-Shawl Collar Worked Horizontally
-Horizontal Shawl Collar with Buttonbands
-Classic Lapel
-Notched Lapel
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Finishing Techniques
Shoulder Seams
-Three-Needle Bind-Off
-Horizontal-to-Horizontal Seam
-Pick Up and Knit
-Pick Up and Purl
-Whipstitch Seam
Armhole Seams
-Backstitch Seam
-Horizontal-to-Vertical Seam
Sleeve and Side Seams
-Vertical-to-Vertical Seam (Mattress Stitch)
-Vertical Backstitch Seam
-Horizontal One-Row Buttonhole
-Eyelet Buttonhole
-Vertical Three-Row Buttonhole

Twist Flowers Pullover
Cable Coat with Cape Collar
Double Leaves & Twists Duster
Pea Coat

Design Process Checklist
CYCA Measurement Charts
Shaping Formula Variations
Sources for Supplies


About the Author
Once an executive in the corporate world, Shirley Paden left it all behind 15 years ago to pursue a career in knitwear design. Today Shirley is the owner and founder of Shirley Paden Custom Knits in New York City. She teaches master knitting classes for the fashion industry and conducts seminars on lace, entrelac, cables, color knitting, and finishing techniques. Her designs have been published in Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, and Knitter’s magazines and she was the subject of a profile in 2004. She has been a guest on public television’s Knitting Daily TV (2010). Knitwear Design Workshop is her first, much-awaited book. She lives in New York City.
“This book is particularly comprehensive in that it explains how to adapt different stitches other than the reliable stockinette to make sweaters that are unique to the knitter.  This volume, spiral-bound inside sturdy covers, is not for the faint-of-heart knitter, but those longing to take their knitting to the next level will be enthralled.”  - Booklist
“The book's layout is very clean, clear and attractive, with high quality photos and diagrams to keep the reader inspired and motivated.  Paden writes succinctly and well, packing in a wealth of information.” –
“If you've ever wanted to knit yourself a perfectly tailored and fitted sweater, this is the book for you.  Shirley Paden has created a veritable textbook of knitwear design.” – Knitting Purls Newsletter
 “Shirley Paden wants to empower you as a knitter to be the best you can be.” – The Courier-News
“Easy-to-follow... Shirley Paden offers detailed techniques for achieving just the look and fit that are right for you.” – The Detroit News
 “Paden delivers a graduate-level course for very serious knitters, using text, charts, annotated schematics, sketches, sidebars, mathematical conversion formulas—every aid at her considerable disposal—to explain the myriad ways of getting exactly the look you’re after by marrying the right yarn and stitch pattern to the right silhouette and sleeve type.  Exhaustive, comprehensive—mere adjectives don’t begin to describe it so I’ll stop trying.  Paden is simply in a master class of her own.” – Yarn Market News
“OMG...Just got Shirley Paden's new knitwear design book and I am totally in LOVE with it! Seriously! IN LOVE!” – Yarn Thing via Twitter
"Knitters usually begin with simpler items like scarves and move on to more complicated projects like sweaters.  But once sweaters are mastered, many experienced knitters want to know how to design their own knitwear—and have it fit.  There are a number of books that explain the mechanics and the math of designing sweaters.  This one, too, examines commercial patterns, the intricacies and importance of measurement, and the result that comes with various yarns.   But this book is particularly comprehensive in that it explains how to adapt different stitches other than the reliable stockinette to make sweaters that are unique to the knitter. This volume, spiral-bound inside sturdy covers, is not for the faint-of-heart knitter, but those longing to take their knitting to the next level will be enthralled.  Four attractive projects are included as examples of the many techniques author Paden explains." - Ilene Cooper

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Shirley Paden-Bernstein

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596687967

Customer Reviews

Awesome! Review by Ellen

This book is just awesome! Wonderful ideas, explanations, suggestions, and pictures.

I am determined to knit the sweater coat pictured on front cover! It's breathtakingly beautiful!

(Posted on 7/5/14)

Excellent Design Foundation Review by Christine

This essential reference book provides a good foundation for designing and modifying patterns with a predictable outcome. I'm happy to own it.

(Posted on 3/14/14)

invaluable! Review by Laura

This is a great reference book for my library. I have been designing for several years, but I kept having to "reinvent the wheel". Wish I'd had this book at the beginning! Anyway, even though I have some experience designing, author Shirley Paden show how to do it the best way, the easier way, the Right Way. No more reinventing for me!

(Posted on 3/3/14)

Great to learn from. Review by Knitkitty

Be sure you know how to knit and how to read a pattern. I started doing the "Pea Coat" and realized the patterning for the sleeve was wrong the way it was printed out. If you have any knowledge of chart work, you will see why immediately when you look at Row 1 and Row 43 and see they are both right side rows! That's just the beginning. I haven't completed the sleeves yet and can't wait to see what surprises the body will hold in store.

(Posted on 1/25/14)

knitwear design workshop Review by Doris

I received the book and starting going thru the chapters. It is very informative and exactly what I have been looking for. Shirley Paden explains step by step how to begin from cast on to bind off. I am extremely pleased and looking forward to learning more from her. Thank you.

(Posted on 1/7/14)

Lots of Choices Review by Mary

I began learning how to knit when I was in first grade. I mainly learned by watching my grandmother. She never used patterns, and this is why I am a carbon copy of my grandmother. I got this book hoping it would help me to be much more creative in designs and color choices. Oh my, this book is just fantastic. I always called my grandmother when I was making an item; and, it wasn't turning out the way I planned. Grandma would get her bare needles, and tell me what I was doing wrong.........she was always right. Then too, when I found a pattern I liked I would mail it to grandma, and she would re-write it for me; again, because I never learned how to read a pattern. This book, on sale, is worth every penny. Sometimes I just sit and page right through the book. It is always fun to learn something new.

(Posted on 1/3/14)

Wonderful Book Review by Marjorie

I purchased this book for my daughter as she is taking an online class from Shirley Paden. She is very pleased to own the book.

(Posted on 1/2/14)