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Know Your Wheel (DVD)

Two master wheel makers demonstrate how to keep various spinning wheels in good working order.

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Between the two of them, Alden Amos and Cindy Lair have more than 50 years experience making spinning wheels. Amos makes them one by one, by hand; Lair makes them in production runs using sophisticated machines. For both makers, quality is paramount. And for both, helping their customers get the most from their wheels is a substantial part of their work.

In this DVD, you’ll hear each maker expound on the wheel function and maintenance problems they most often encounter, and you’ll learn their special tricks for dealing with them. Looking at a wide range of wheels, you’ll learn how to deal with:

  • That annoying clunking sound
  • The bobbin that sometimes jams
  • The drive band that keeps slipping off
  • The drive band that needs replacement – more often than you might think
  • The copious lubrication needs of your wheel
  • And so much more.

Best of all, you’ll learn to feel at ease with your wheel as a productive machine. You’ll gain the confidence to tackle problems, wield tools, and forge a long and happy relationship with your wheel.


SKU: 11SP03

Author/Speaker/Editor: Cindy Lair

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596684621

Customer Reviews

I already spin better! Review by Erin Collins

This is a mervelous set of DVDs packed with information. I changed my (not gonna insert spoiler)and whoosh the wheel flew! I switched the direction of my (also not gonna insert spoiler here) and no more wobble! What's that? You want details? Buy the DVDs. You really won't regret spending the money. Linda, all those bits that didn't make it in the final cut like you mentioned in todays Spinning Daily? How about a reel of "deleted scenes" and "bloopers"? it would have been fascinating!

(Posted on 3/30/11)

Dumbfoudingly Inept Review by NULL NULL

**INTERWEAVE RESPONSE** Dear customer - You know, you

(Posted on 3/19/11)