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Lace & Eyelets

They are an excellent guide for the beginner knitter, and a great resource for those already skilled in the craft.

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Lace can lend a hint of sophistication to any knitted project, but finding the most suitable design can pose the greatest challenge. The Harmony Guides: Lace and Eyelets showcases 250 designs to delight knitters of all skill levels.

The Harmony Guides have been longstanding references for handcrafters for more than thirty years, a series offering clear, concise instructions for stitches. Designer Erika Knight, author of the Simple Knits series, updates the Harmony Guides with new stitches and know-how. They are an excellent guide for the beginner knitter, and a great resource for those already skilled in the craft.

Lace and Eyelets features a Falling Leaves pattern with a hint of texture perfect for an afghan and Little Flowers adds femininity to a set of winter accessories. From a Butterfly Lace to Knotted Openwork to Open Diamonds with Bobbles, this collection is designed to revolutionize the way you think about stitches. All swatches are worked in updated yarns, beautifully photographed and accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. This all-in-one stitch guide fits perfectly in the knitter's travel bag, and design tips featured throughout will make it an invaluable resource to novice and skilled knitters alike.

Table of Contents

Inspiration: Lace and eyelets create rewarding results and can be configured into patterns and constructed into all kinds of fabrics. Intricacy is the inspiration for this edition. From simple eyelets to gossamer-like cobwebs, lace and eyelet stitches are intriguing and absorbing and offer endless possibilities for experimentation. For the beginner knitter, lace knitting may seem daunting as it often requires a little more technique: wrapping the yarn around the needle a few times, dropping a stitch or two, or (intentionally) slipping un-knitted stitches over knitted ones. However, the sheer sense of accomplishing a simple eyelet will encourage you to attempt and experiment with even prettier effects.

Lace and eyelet stitches are often worked in finer-weight yarns to show off their delicate detailing, yet when the same stitch is worked in a heavy-weight yarn, the holes take on a whole new dimension, prompting one to consider its function beyond a little cardigan or shawl. Lace stitches in robust rustic tweed yarns are great for home accents, adding texture and a bit of twist to cushions for example, for couch or floor.

Conversely, openwork lace patterns worked in whisper-fine mohair are perfect for delicate shrugs, cardigans, or even throws. I love to use two or three different lace or eyelet stitches within one garment. Although this can involve a little mathematics, by working out stitch repeats and experimenting with swatches to ensure each is suitable for the yarn selected, you can ultimately work these together into intricate and fascinating details. Why not create with the swatches themselves? Combining them with printed fabrics creates pretty afghans and cushions for easy glamour. (Editor Erika Knight)

Lace Knitting: The most stunning patterns can be created with lace. Discover how simple wraps and yarnovers can create arresting results.

Tools & Equipment: To master any skill, it's imperative to have a solid foundation of the techniques. This section provides useful information that can come in handy while knitting.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Erika Knight

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596680579

Number Of Pages: 272