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With Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist you’ll find outstanding jewelry making designs, easy-to-use metalsmithing and gem-cutting projects, time- and money-saving tips, and more.

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Express Yourself in Metal, Gems, and Stone.

In every issue, you'll get hands-on expertise, illustrated demos, and projects loaded with valuable tips and design ideas.

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Charoite Pendant by Marilyn Mack Spacer 15x15 pixels Archer's Thumb Ring by Roger Halas photo by Jim Lawson Spacer 15x15 pixels Kaily Agate Pendant by John F Heusler, G.G. Photo by Jim Lawson Spacer 15x15 pixels Anodized Niobium Earrings by Michael H. Mara

Marilyn Mack


Roger Halas


John F Heusler, G.G.


Michael H. Mara

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DISCOVER a few of the exciting projects from Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.
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Pheonix Barrette by Roger HalasPhoenix Barrette

by Roger Hals 

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Norse Shield Pendant by Debra CarusNorse Shield Pendant
by Debra Carus
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Domed Fluted Bangle by Bill FretzDomed Fluted Bangle

by Bill Fretz

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Starfire Series Bracelet by Christina LemonStarfire Series Bracelet

by Christina Lemon

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Jasper & Silver Pendant by Kathleen Fink with Neal SchornackJasper & Silver Pendant

by Kathleen Fink with Neal Schornack

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Folded Formed Copper Cuff by Debra HoffmasterFolded Formed Copper Cuff

By Debra Hoffmaster


Who doesn't love tools? This hot topic is a favorite part of the magazine. Cool Tools & Hip Tips is practical studio advice at its best, presented in a well-organized and thoroughly engaging style by Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist’s own jewelry-making, tool-loving, technical-challenge-meeting Senior Editor Helen Driggs.


This is where you’ll find the newest pliers on the market, professional tips on soldering, illustrated instructions for making your own tools, and the basic tools and techniques for stone setting, riveting, texturing, and much more

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Cool Tools and Hip Tips

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Smokin Stones column Spacer 20x20 pixelsSpacer 10x10 pixels

Get ready to rock. You'll learn the essentials of what you need to know about buying, setting, or cutting a gem. Smokin’ Stones introduces you to the vast and varied world of colored stones one stone or variety at a time.


Find out what’s on the market, what it costs, and all of the important do’s and don’ts for makers and wearers—written by longtime Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist contributor and former Gemological Association of America instructor Sharon Elaine Thompson.

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But wait, there's more. Turn the page and find a demo or project that shows off the stone's best features—followed by step-by-step instructions to enhance your skills such as bezel making and other kinds of stone setting, soldering, and more.

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Stone setting techniques and instructions

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Jewelry Trends

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Discover the latest trends.

You'll follow what several innovative professional jewelry artists are doing that’s new and what they like about it in Trends.


Don't miss another issue where you'll learn hot trends such as creating cold connections, making metal beads, and the popularity of acrylics.




Learn to Create an Amazing Pendant from Start to Finish!

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In each issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, you'll find a demo with step-by-step photos of the fabrication process with full instructions and finishing tips for your own unique piece of jewelry.

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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Making Stunning Jewelry
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Fused Sterling Linked Bracelet by Nancy Blair

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You'll discover the who, what, when, where, and how of jewelry making in every issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.


Whether you're a beginner or you've been a jewelry artist for some time now, let the most respected jewelry-making magazine in the world guide and inspire you to take your jewelry making to the next level.


In every issue, you'll find a wide range of gemstones in every color, pattern, and price that will set your jewelry apart: You can even learn to cut gems yourself.


Plus save yourself time and frustration by learning what techniques and materials to use to get the best results in your own jewelry designs.


And we'll teach you how to put it all together into jewelry that is uniquely yours


pictured at left Fused Sterling Linked Bracelet by Nancy Blair photo by Jim Lawson

 Anual buyers guide, cold connections, great gems under $25
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"I love your magazine and have learned so much from it. Your articles are always so informative . . .  Thank you for all that you do. I'm always thrilled to get my magazine each month."
M. Hilt


"I have been designing and creating wire-wrapped jewelry for three years now and am ready to try some new techniques with metal. Your fabulous magazine provides me with incredible inspiration every month." B. Brandon Perry


“There are other magazines that address ‘art jewelry’ but no other that could match the quality of information and beauty of Lapidary Journal.”
Mary Ellen Merlino


“I just wanted to drop a note about your Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. I thoroughly enjoy every issue and look forward to each one. . . . Thank you for all the great designs and tips in each issue. Looking forward to the next issue . . .”
Donna Zimmer


“I would like to thank Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist for delivering so much wonderful information to all of us. I teach in the Chicago area and I recommend your publication to my students, advising them that it is the most comprehensive magazine for our industry. And to my fellow subscribers: save all of your back issues! They are a treasure trove of information.”
Bud Greene


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