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Learn the Importance of Gauge Webinar with Simona Merchant-Dest

Learn how to properly read, measure, and even adjust your gauge for your next knitting project with this webinar hosted by Simona Merchant-Dest
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Learn the Importance of Gauge: Prevent Your Next Garment Disaster

Webinar with Simona Merchant-Dest

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When you pick your next project, buy fabulous yarn, it's hard not to want to dive right into the knitting. But, every knitter has heard about having to make the pesky gauge swatch! Learn the importance of this knitting tool in this webinar hosted by Simona Merchant-Dest.


Instead of relying on pure luck for your next knitting project, learn how to interpret and understand your gauge. It will save you hours of knitting, money spent on yarn, and that dreaded feeling when you've finished and the garment doesn't look quite right.

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To achieve a perfect fit with confidence requires more than just making a swatch. You need to match the gauge at which you knit with the gauge of a pattern, and there are sure ways to do just that. To attain intended fit and obtain the correct and true gauge, you need to take into consideration many more factors than just the yarn, needles size and a swatch.


Simona will teach you how to make a gauge swatch that matters. She will equip you with the tools you need to achieve your desired fit with no guesswork and with confidence! She will show you how to measure your gauge correctly, what true gauge is and what other factors need to be taken into account before you cast on and start knitting.

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With this webinar, you'll:
  • Discover why it is so important to knit in the correct gauge.
  • Learn how to make a swatch the right way in order to obtain an accurate gauge reading.
  • Learn simplified ways of measuring gauge.
  • Learn various methods to correctly read gauge for flat and circular knitting, lace and cable patterns, and even complicated stitch designs.
  • Learn how to apply gauge to garment construction.
  • Discover when and why gauge doesn't matter.
  • Learn how to adjust your gauge for quick modifications.
  • And learn how to match your gauge to a pattern.

With these handing tools, your next knitting project will fit correctly and look exactly the way you had intended, no luck required!


Join Simona for this webinar and save your next knitting disaster!


This webinar is for knitters of all skill levels. You should attend this webinar if you're a:

  • Knitter who cares about your finished product
  • Beginning knitter and want to start off on the right foot
  • Knitter who wants to begin knitting garments
  • Knitter who has experienced knitting garments that don't fit correctly and want to learn how to avoid this in your next knitting project.
  • Knitter who does not want to rely on mere luck for their projects to turn out well
  • Knitter who has been puzzled as to why your garments are not fitting well
  • Knitter who wants to maximize your knitting experience and confidence
  • Knitter who wants to venture out and add modifications to your projects
  • Knitter who wants to challenge yourself and are beginning to think about designing knitwear


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About Simona Merchant-Dest:


Simona is knitwear and crochet designer, teacher and a co-author of the best-selling book The Art of Seamless Knitting. She’s been a guest on the Knitting Daily Show. Her designs have been featured in most national and international knitting magazine and books such as Interweave Knits and Interweave Crochet, Vogue Knitting, Knitters Magazine to name just a few. She was a Creative Director and Project Coordinator for Mission Falls yarns and worked as a Technical Design Interpreter for a fashion designer Anna Cohen’s Imperial Knits Collection for Imperial Yarns.


Simona was born in the Czech Republic and her distinguished style in her design has a punch of European flare. She is not only a distinguished knitting and crochet designer and instructor, she is also an expert in technical aspects of achieving impeccable construction of knitted and crochet garments. She loves sharing the knowledge, the experience and the passion she has for technical and analytical side of behind-the-scenes of constructing knitwear and crochet-wear that is flattering and fits.


SKU: EP8567

Author/Speaker/Editor: Simona Merchant-Dest

File Type: MP4

Format: OnDemand Webinar

SKU: EP8567

Author/Speaker/Editor: Simona Merchant-Dest

File Type: MP4

Format: OnDemand Webinar

Customer Reviews

Swatch big time! Review by Myriam

Since I watched this webinar, I knit bigger, better swatches. It really is all in the swatch!

(Posted on 12/13/2013)

(Posted on 12/13/2013)