Interweave Crochet Presents: The Crocheter's Toolbox: Lily Chin's Techniques and Tricks for Savvy Crocheters

Learn 70+ crochet techniques and tricks from expert Lily Chin to make your crocheting easier and more enjoyable.

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Learn the secrets of the world's fastest crocheter!

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The Crocheter's Toolbox:
Lily Chin's Techniques and Tricks
for Savvy Crocheters

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available on DVD or as a video download
in standard or high definition

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The Crocheter's Toolbox:
Lily Chin's Techniques and Tricks
for Savvy Crocheters



Lily Chin has been a crochet professional for more than 30 years as a designer, instructor, and award winner. In this Interweave Crochet workshop, she teaches you how to make your crocheted projects more polished—and enjoyable to create.


Eliminate some of the most common crocheting annoyances and mistakes with Lily’s tested techniques.


For beginning and seasoned crocheters alike,

Lily’s expert advice includes:


• Chaining (or not!) the perfect foundation

• Putting your swatch to work for you

• Eliminating yarn ends, floats, and gaps

• Adding trims, buttons, and beads

• Whipping any crochet hook into shape

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This video covers all the crochet techniques that every crocheter should have in his or her bag of tricks. Make your crocheting effortless and tackle any project on your wish list with confidence!


This 198-minute, 2-disc workshop is available on DVD or as a video download

in standard or high definition.

Get started today and order your copy for 70+ crochet tips!

About the Author
Lily Chin has been crocheting for over 40 years and has been a professional designer since 1981. A veteran of New York’s garment industry, she has created runway pieces for Ralph Lauren, Isaac Mizrahi, and Diane von Furstenberg. She is the author of several books, and her workshop video Mosaic Crochet is available at

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Lily M. Chin

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781620333297

Customer Reviews

video is a must have! Review by Margaret

The video is instructional and my baby blankets are on another level. What is the software Lily use to make the designs and where can I purchase it? I would like to make a few designs in the software to see if it will work before actually doing the work. Thanks.

(Posted on 6/11/14)

Outstanding Instructional Video Review by Diane

Kudos to Lily Chin for developing a well-sequenced, thoughtful, informative and highly accessible instructional crochet videos.

Recently, I returned to crocheting after a hiatus of a dozen or more years. I've also purchased patterns and I've watched YouTubes. Too many mediocre techniques simply prevail because "that's the way it's done."

In contrast, Lily Chin's evident mission has been continuous improvement to find better methods.

If you like to crochet and want to learn technique, purchasing this DVD set is an investment in enjoying your pasttime.

(Posted on 5/10/14)

Fabulous Tips and Tricks Review by Jeneen

This DVD set is WELL WORTH the investment. I am an experienced self-taught crocheter and not only learned a quantity of useful information, but an explanation as to Why a particular method was used. Goodies learned from Ms Chin have been put to immediate use! The section on splices was particularly helpful -- it is one thing to read about how to do it and quite another to actually see How to do it.

Would love to see more DVDs from Ms Chin!

(Posted on 4/26/14)

Very Worthwhile! Review by Diane

This format and content are so welcome! I am constantly interrupted from my reading and watching unless it is something everyone else wants to do too. I am very pleased that this is a DVD that I can take with me to any room and watch on my computer or watch at those moments that there is time. I have learned a lot from Lily and I have crocheted for over 50 years now! I am inspired by her technique and don't feel too challenged on the new stuff to give it a try. There are new products out there and the ever changing fibers that we have available were always a mystery to me. It makes it a huge investment when you create something and you don't want to make a mistake buying the wrong fiber for what your pattern is for. Do it right with informed advice from Lily. I will replay this over and over, enjoying what I learn as I go. I am thinking that I need a night to invite crocheting friends over for a "Lily and Wine" night!

(Posted on 3/11/14)

Awesome tips Review by Noreen

I haven't crocheted anything but shell baby afghans in years, so all of these new ideas have launched me into other endeavors. I taught myself to crochet as a teenager and now at the age of 65, am finally trying new things. Thank you.

(Posted on 3/11/14)

educational Review by Orly

most useful advices with very enlightening technics

(Posted on 2/15/14)

Great DVD Review by Patricia

I love this video. I have been crocheting for 30 years and it taught me new and easier ways to crochet. I can't believe how much neater and better my creations look. Thanks Lily, you are the best by far.

(Posted on 2/11/14)

Great investment Review by KIMBERLY

The tips and tricks are great, and very well explained. This is an amazing tool for the seasoned and beginning crocheter alike. I have had some problems playing the downloaded version so i have not been able to watch the videos all the way through (mainly i think due to my outdated computer).

(Posted on 1/23/14)

An Excellent Toolbox Review by Darcy09

The CD is filled with useful information, tips on how to join yarns effortlessly, and then how to change color effortless join. Love her motto of find an easy way to crochet, join, and block (also a least fave thing). It is well worth the investment

(Posted on 1/19/14)

Great tips, expertise and humor Review by Patricia R

I enjoy Lily Chin's crispness and humor in her videos (I have two). She is so good at giving as much information and detail as possible without overwhelming you and, as mentioned, with just the right amount of humor. I started using tips learned in this video right away such as, better turning chain technique; foundation single crochet; melding two yarn ends together, sleuthing out unknown yarn content; not-sewn buttons; ways to work with novelty yarns. The list is long for the number of things you learn in this video. She is a true expert. I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 8/6/13)