Lutradur and the New Fibers Creating Mixed-Media Art with Spunbonded Materials

Looking for a fabric that is strong and flexible, yet soft and warm to the touch? Lutradur and the New Fibers has the answer! It is the essential guide for mixed-media and fiber artists who are looking to get started with spunbonded textiles.

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What exactly are spunbonded textiles? They are a type of manmade fabric whose strength and flexibility makes them ideal for textile art. They can be washed, dyed, painted, printed, stitched, burned, fused, foiled, stenciled, and slashed with ease. You name it, spunbounded textiles can take it.

Lutradur and the New Fibers explores different types of spubounded textiles with materials such as Lutradur, Evolon, head-distressable tissue, Tyvek and Kunin. First you will learn how to paint, print and dye these fabrics with an array of beautiful colors. Next, Wendy Cotterill outlines heating, distressing, fusing, and soldering techniques for which these spunbonded textiles are perfect. With additional techniques, including, image transfer, foiling, and stamping, you can achieve complex and layered effects that are unique to this material and sure to bring your mixed media projects to the next level.

For mixed-media and fiber artists who are looking to get started with spunbonded textiles, Lutradur and the New Fibers is the essential guide to exploring these beautiful and versatile fabrics.

About the Author

After 12 years in the fashion industry as a designer and pattern-cutter and then tutor on fashion subjects, Wendy Cotterill developed interests in broader textile-related subjects. She is now a teacher of textile arts and exhibits her successful experimental work.

“ Discover the beautiful and innovative spunbonded textiles of Lutradur,  Evolon,  crystal spunbonded polyester,  heat-distressable tissue,  Tyvek, Kunin felt  and diaper liner.” –

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Wendy Cotterill

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596683341

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