Making Colorful Wire and Beaded Jewelry: 35 Fabulous Designs

You don't need any previous experience working with wire or jewelry-making to be able to create the 35 projects in this book.

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Using only a few simple tools, a spool of wire, and a sprinkling of beads, you can create your own stunning pieces of jewelry. You don't need any previous experience working with wire or jewelry-making to be able to create the 35 projects in this book. Making Colorful Wire & Beaded Jewelry is your personal guide, full of creative ideas for beginners and experienced crafters alike.

Because wire is so flexible and adaptable, it lends itself to being twisted, spiraled, wrapped, and formed into an unlimited variety of shapes and styles. The projects featured in this book are varied, to appeal to all tastes and ages, and you can easily adapt them. They range from chokers and necklaces, to bracelets and bangles and rings.

The chapters include smart and sophisticated gold and silver wire designs ideal for special occasions or to accompany the classic little black dress, plus more casual designs made with colored wire, funky beads, and tiny seashells, perfect for weekend wear with jeans and a crisp linen shirt.

Reviews: "A new twist on an old technique." Guide to Jewelry Making

"Good wireworking skills are essential for making jewelry. Beginners can learn a variety of useful techniques through Linda’s detailed photos."-Bead & Button

"Very colorful, striking projects in this book and several designs which made me think, Wow, that's a really good idea!"-Bella Online Guide to Beadwork 

"The beginner will appreciate the supplies list provided for each project and clear instructions with variations yet the majority of patterns are interesting and unusual enough to spark the imaginations of the more experienced wire worker. "-Monsters and

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Tools and Techniques
  • Tools
  • Materials
  • Basic Techniques
Chapter 2: Rings and Things
  • Squiggle Ring- Squiggles of wire, achieved simply by bending the wire around your pliers, make up the top of this modern looking ring.
  • Framed-bead Key Ring- This project is perfect for highlighting a single, beautiful bead.
  • Curly-wurly Brooch- Great for beginners, all you have to do is thread lengths of contrasting-colored wire onto a ready-made pin back and spiral the ends.
  • Scarf Ring- A really fun way to hold a scarf in place, it can also be used as a belt buckle or to secure a beach sarong.
Chapter 3: Decorative Chainmaking
  • Bubble-chain Bracelet- This charming bracelet is constructed from "bubbles" of silver wire, made by coiling the wire around the tip of your pliers.
  • Eyeglasses Chain- If you're continually putting your glasses down and forgetting where you've left them, this is the project for you.
  • Looped Bead Earrings- These earrings can be made in various sizes simply by altering the length of the wire spirals and the size of the bead in the center.
  • Stick-twist Chain- This delicate-looking chain, with alternating twists of gold and silver wire, suits being created as a long piece, as the twisted units extend and stretch out without much articulation.
  • Daisy Chain Bracelet- Definitely a design for the young at heart, this daisy chain looks fantastic in vibrant colors such as fuchsia or turquoise.
Chapter 4: Chokers and Necklaces
  • Spiral Choker- Vibrant turquoise and green wires, reminiscent of peacock feathers, are twisted together to form the ring of this choker, with spirals of the same colors creating the centerpiece.
  • Vintage Choker- With its use of black beads and wire, this choker harks back to the very early years of the nineteenth century.
  • Waterfall Chain Necklace- This is a great recycling project - a design that enables you to use up tiny lengths of broken silver chain.
  • Beaded Cross- Threaded onto velvet or organza ribbon, these contemporary beaded crosses make a stunning fashion statement.
Chapter 5: Seasonal Styles
  • Springtime Spiral Necklace- In this striking design, a light-green focal bead is enclosed in a cone-shaped "cage" of wire, extending out to new growth.
  • Summer Seashell Necklace- With its pale, sun-bleached colors, this casual corded necklace has a lovely summery feel - the perfect way to show off a light tan.
  • Falling Leaves Necklace- Beaded leaves in autumnal shades of copper and bronze form the centerpiece of this stylish necklace.
  • Winter Frost Necklace- Made up of clear glass beads and crystal, it can be worn with any outfit and will suit both young and old.
Chapter 6: Charm Designs
  • Hieroglyphic Charm Necklace- Use any wiggly wire pattern to create the "hieroglyphics" on this necklace.
  • Belly Dancer's Bracelet- Dangling silver and gold decorations give this bracelet an exotic flavor.

  • Cascade Ring- This is primarily a "party" ring, something for the girl who has everything.

  • Bead Charm Necklace- This is a great piece for beginners as it gives you the chance to practice many different ways of threading beads and connecting different elements together.
Chapter 7: Classic Jewelry
  • Indian Spice Necklace- This necklace was inspires by the delicate filigree work that is characteristic of traditional Indian jewelry.
  • Far Eastern Promise- With its simple curves, reminiscent of temple roofs and Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, this necklace has a distinct flavor of the Orient.
  • African Dream- The wood and bone beads are reminders of the wonderful traditional carvings while the copper wire mimics the dusty red earth of the African plains.
  • Aztec Tree of Life Necklace- This turquoise and gold necklace was inspired by the ancient Aztec civilization who were renowned for the production of vivid precious-stone mosaics.
About the Author

MAKING COLORFUL WIRE & BEADED JEWELRY is Linda Jones’s second book, following the successful Creating Wire and Beaded Jewelry: Over 35 Beautiful Projects Using Wire and Beads (North Light Books, 2004). She also is a frequent contributor to several U.S. beading and jewelry-making enthusiast magazines, including Beadwork, Step by Step Wire Jewelry, and BeadStyle Magazine. She trained as a jeweler at London’s Metropolitan University and five years ago she began teaching wire jewelry, setting up her own local creative wire jewelry workshops at her Stable Studios in Hadlow, near Tonbridge in Kent, United Kingdom. Set in the picturesque countryside, resting in the shadow of a Kentish Oast house, these workshops are a popular destination vacation for British and international jewelry-making enthusiasts. Linda also has exhibited and sold her work nationally in shops, galleries and shows. Visit her web site at:

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