Making Etched Metal Jewelry

Enjoy 17 step-by-step projects for creating mixed-media jewelry using metal etching techniques.

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Making Etched Metal Jewelry

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You’ll love this jewelry making book if:

  • You want to learn how to etch metal
  • You favor mixed-media jewelry styles
  • You want a collection of jewelry projects to help you practice new techniques

Making Etched Metal Jewelry by Ruth Rae and Kristen Robinson is the perfect guide for anyone looking to learn how to etch metal and apply this technique to mixed-media jewelry projects. Great for jewelry artists of all levels, this guide not only contains an entire chapter devoted to learning how to etch metal and another on a variety of jewelry techniques, but it also includes projects of 3 difficulty levels: Beginning the Etching Journey, Continuing the Etching Journey, and Mastering the Etching Journey. Establish the materials you’ll need to get started, learn the basics of etching metal, master some fundamental jewelry making techniques, and then apply your newfound knowledge to 17 romantic and rustic style projects. Transform your jewelry projects into masterpieces with metal etching, and experience the magic of this technique that will add endless depth to your mixed-media jewelry!

In Making Etched Metal Jewelry you’ll find:

  • 17 step-by-step projects of various difficulty levels, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more
  • A variety of jewelry techniques for etching brass, copper, and nickel silver of all shapes and size
  • Safety information and precautions to ensure the etching process is executed in the correct manner

A word from the authors:

“The wonderful thing about etching is the personal signature that is easily added to each piece created. Deep textures, as well as layers of patterns and images, create a virtual landscape of depth.” —Ruth Rae & Kristen Robinson

About the authors:

Ruth Rae has an incredible talent for combining her deep love of treasures from the past with the cutting-edge trends of today. Ruth is known for her amazing jewelry creations, as well as mixed-media fabric work that combines textiles, words and found objects. Her artwork is recognized for its timeworn appearance, achieved through the layering of new and old, leaving the viewer feeling that they are taking in a creation from long ago.

Kristen Robinson is on the artistic journey of her life, one she compares to dancing through the pages of a history book. With a love of all things from the past and the stories locked within them, she is drawn to many different forms of art, from jewelry and textiles to painting and collage. Kristen is the author of Tales of Adornment: Techniques for Creating Resin Jewelry and the designer of Rue Romantique by Kristen Robinson, a designer bezel collection from Ice Resin.



How to Etch Metal

Jewelry Techniques

Beginning the Etching Journey

Continuing the Etching Journey

Mastering the Etching Journey




About the Authors

SKU: GROUP-U1067-U1071

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kristen Robinson & Ruth Rae

SKU: GROUP-U1067-U1071

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kristen Robinson & Ruth Rae