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Men In Knits eBook: Sweaters to Knit that He WILL Wear

Knit masculine and trendy men’s sweaters with the new and easy-to-download Men in Knits eBook.

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Knit trendy men’s sweaters with the new and easy-to-download Men in Knits eBook!

This collection of men’s sweater projects presents classic designs and trendy fashion-forward pieces, forgoing the stereotypical Mr. Rogers and Bill Cosby variety of sweater.

Offering tips for overcoming men’s reluctance to wear sweaters, this book provides the tools needed for making the right choices in fit, color, texture, and style to create beautiful, masculine knitted sweaters. Explored are how to understand his personal style and which colors and textures flatter particular physiques so that the sweater will be both enjoyable to knit and a favorite to wear.

Patterns for Arans, Argyle, basket case, and cable rib are included for knitting cardigans, pullovers, V-necks, vests, and accessories such as scarves and gloves. Although intended for men, these sweaters have great unisex appeal and were developed for both new and seasoned knitters.

With the new and convenient Men in Knits eBook, take your knitting anywhere—especially if you’re designs are for gift-giving and need to remain secretive!

Table of Contents

1: How to make his favorite sweater
What exactly does a guy want in a sweater?
-Making it a favorite
-Treading on dangerous ground
Defining his personal style
-Understanding his personal style
-How to identify his personal style
-Personal style worksheet
-Personal styles and coordinating designs
-Choosing the right pattern from the design collection
Selecting the perfect color and fiber
-Determining skin tone
-Choosing fibers
-Caring for handknits
Making it fit, making it a favorite
-Body types and fit issues
-Solutions and customizations for great fit
-Perfect fit worksheet
-Customization tips
-Choosing the pattern and making it fit
-Fit issues and corresponding design recommendations

2: The design collection
Double crossing diamonds aran pullover
Jack's Aran
-Adult pullover
-Child pullover
Hyland Argyle Vest
-Adult vest
-Child vest
Garter Stitch Aran
-Cardigan with gloves
Classic camel vest with muffler
Basketcase jacket
Fast favorite vest
Rustic raglan pullover
Fred's jazz vest
Chain link pullover
Cabled rib
-Adult vest
-Child vest
Perpendicular lines pullover
Tweeds cardigan with scarf

Terms and abbreviations
Sources and further reading
About the Author
Tara Jon Manning is a contributing designer to knitting magazines, books, and yarn companies. She owns and operates Tara Handknitting Designs, a web-based business offering original design patterns and handknitting kits, and she conducts workshops and classes from her Boulder, Colorado studio. Tara holds a Masters Degree in Textile and Apparel Design and Fiber Arts.

SKU: EP3087

Author/Speaker/Editor: Tara Jon Manning

Format: eBook

ISBN 13: 9781596688933

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Customer Reviews

Wish I hadn't bought it. Review by Martha

If there had been pictures of some or all of the sweaters I would never have bought this book. My husband (who is more corporate) does not wear big, oversize, baggy, drop shoulder sweaters. And other than the vests, that was the style of sweater provided in the book. There was no shaping on the sleeve cap and little shaping on the armhole. The first part was interesting, talking about what kind of sweaters men wanted and providing a table for age groups. But the designs missed the mark. It would have been nice to see more fitted sweaters. Even the cardigans were falling of the shoulders.

(Posted on 9/29/13)