Metal Embellishments Incorporating Wire Foil Metal Sheeting & More into Fiber Art (DVD)

Join multi-media fiber artist Mary Hettmansperger to explore the concept of incorporating metals on quilts to add dimension, interest, texture, imagery, & content using low-tech metalsmithing techniques.

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Starting out with metal sheeting as the focus, foils and copper sheeting are explored. Next, Mary demonstrates how wire (in a variety of metals and gauges) can be used to create shapes, images, weaving, and baubles to personalize art quilts and fiber art. Forging, shaping, and texturing sheet metal and wire are covered, along with simple techniques for using a propane torch to add special effects, achieve color, and obtain distressed surfaces. Surface techniques are explored, and options for designing with metal are introduced. With simple fabric applications, what to do and what to avoid when incorporating metals and found items into art quilts are considered. The final focus is on finishing, with special consideration given to methods of attaching metal embellishments to fiber art.
About the Author

Mary Hettmansperger is a fiber artist with her focus on Basketry, Metals, and Beadwork. She has been teaching full time for 25 years. She teaches in many venues, including, Arrowmont craft school, Bead and Button, Convergence, National and Regional Fiber conferences, Basketry and Beading Conferences, Art and Craft Schools, private Guilds, workshops and Retreats.

Mary has had her work published in several magazines, including, Beadwork, Art jewelry, Bead and Button, Shuttle Spindle and dye pot, and Crafts Report. She also has work in numerous books including, 500 Baskets, Fiber Arts Design Book 7, the Gourd Book, Creative Scarecrows, Fabulous Found object jewelry, and Teapots - makers and collectors.

Mary has won several awards for her pieces in Rib construction and Twined basketry and Jewelry. She uses each piece of work as a sample for the next, trying not to reproduce, but improve upon what is successful. Mary finds inspiration from things that grow and evolve, whether it be in nature, relationships, Art or life itself.


-Copper sheeting, 24-gauge
-Copper foil, .002
-Wire (26-, 20- and 18-gauge): copper, tinned copper, and craft
-Metal hole punches (1/16", 1/8", and 1/4"), or a drill and bits (see -Optional)
-Brads (use 1/8" hole punch or drill bit)
-Bolts and nuts (use 1/8" hole punch or drill bit)
-Found objects (natural, metal, and other materials: hardware, old jewelry parts, electronic and industrial items, sticks, pods, bones, stones, tumbled glass, etc.)
-Decorative paper
-Embossing powders/stamps and materials
-Waxed linen cords
-Tapestry and sewing needles
-Beads and embellishments
-Fabric, including organza and tulle

-BernzOmatic® QUICKFIRE® propane torch, old pliers, non-flammable surface, and a water bowl
-Safety glasses
-Metal sheet cutters
-Wire cutters
-Letter stamps
-Heat gun
-Variety of standard tools for jewelry making

-Drill, such as a Foredom® drill, drill press, or Dremel® drill, with bits designed for metal: 1/16", 1/8", and 1/4"
-Sewing machine

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Mary Hettmansperger

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596683365

Customer Reviews

one of my favorite instructional dvd Review by NULL NULL

I love being exposed to different ideas to include in my art. This dvd stimulated my imagination for different applications of the methods being taught, because it was full of info and techniques i hadn't used before. Most helpful was her instructions in the use of the tools for metal work. I never would have considered using metalsmith techniques in my art quilts, if it were not for this totally informative dvd. I have purchased many instructional dvd's, this is one of my favorites. I have viewed it several times, and highly recommended it to my fiber arts group.

(Posted on 11/26/10)

Very informativ and great ideas Review by FR

one star?? Is it possible we have seen the same workshop? I got really inspired to make my own protect with use of metal embellishments. It was loaded with samples,and how to make it(I need that more than a finished product, step 1-5) of cause there was information on tools (its necessary to)I learned a lot, and I will recommend this to everyone that like to experiment with new stuff, and can create out of their own ideas. A good teacher, and a great workshop.

(Posted on 11/7/10)

Metal Embelhishent! Review by Eloisa Mueller

I like the video and I learned a lot!! Now I have to use my creativity!!

(Posted on 11/2/10)

very good!! Review by Eloisa Mueller

I love this video and she gave me a lot of ideias.

(Posted on 10/30/10)

happy huge tool investment not needed Review by Colleen North

I feel the exact opposite of the one star comments. The cover photos as well as title let me know where she is heading and the tool overview lets me know I will not need to make a huge investment in order to experiment. I ordered it based on that.

(Posted on 10/9/10)

What is she making? Review by constance Peterson

What is the project? I would have liked to see what she is making before she started showing what tools to purchase.

(Posted on 9/7/10)

Metal Embellishments Review by Diane Hoersting

I was a little disappointed in the video that showed only tools. I would have liked to see some images of the finished products that could be made with these tools.

(Posted on 9/2/10)

I gave one star. Not enough information Review by M. Watson

This is interesting but she only covers the materials and tools that she uses. I would like to have seen the process and finished product. Otherwise, how do I know I would want to spend money to buy all these tools and materials I may not use?

(Posted on 4/15/10)