Metal Style eBook: 20 Jewelry Designs with Cold Join Techniques

Now available in an easy-to-download eBook, Metal Style gets you up to speed with the hottest trend in metalwork and jewelry making--Cold Joins. The cold-connection techniques showcased in this innovative and must-have guide are the perfect solution for those who love working with metal, but hate having to use a torch or kiln.

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The new and easy-to-download Metal Style eBook ensures that you can learn Cold Join Techniques anywhere you are. All the tools and materials you need are affordable on almost any budget and easy to access. To get started all you will need is a common drill, hammer, sandpaper, wire, and a metal sheet. That's it! You will also learn how to use rivets, screws, and other methods to combine elements in making jewelry, all without the heat. Using just these few simple tools and tricks, you can say goodbye to cumbersome kilns and torches and say hello to Metal Style. Master Jewelry Designers Thomas Mann, Robert Dancik, Connie Fox, Tracey Stanley and others offer signature pieces, constructed using cold-joins. Accompanying each project are expert tips and advice for additional ideas and customizations. The Metal Style eBook is full of inspiration and techniques for jewelry makers looking to ignite a creative spark in their metal jewelry without lighting a flame.

Table of Contents
Introduction: No Torch Required!

Work Surface
Texturing Tools
Doming Tools
Cutting Tools
Making Holes

Sawing and Cutting

Riveted Round-link Chain- Janice Berkebile
Starry Night Earrings- Dawn Bergmaier
Garden Wind Gong Pendant- Dawn Bergmaier
Medallion Bracelet- Karen Dougherty
-Spotlight: Doming Metal
Fold-formed Leaf Bracelet- Marthe Roberts-Shea
Free-spirit Brooch- Julie Sanford
-Spotlight: Copper Patina
Trio Bangles with Recycled Tin Charms- Beth Taylor
Polymer Clay Pendant- Robert Dancik
Found Object Sandwich Ring- Thomas Mann
Bowl of Gems Earrings- Kate Richbourg
Honing Owl Pendant- Lisa and Scott Cylinder
Copper Pocket- Janice Berkebile
-Spotlight: Sterling Silver Balled-end Head Pins
Faux Bone Bracelet- Robert Dancik
-Spotlight: Resin
Cold Fusion Necklace- Connie Fox
Double-sided Pendant- Lisa Niven-Kelly
Poker Chip Brooch- Marthe Roberts-Shea
-Spotlight: Work-hardening
Hinged Bracelet- Richard Salley
Gambler’s Luck Necklace- Kim St. Jean
-Spotlight: Etching on Copper, Brass, and Nickel Silver
Riveted Flower Rings- Tracy Stanley
Reversible Mini Book Locket- Beth Taylor
-Spotlight: Photo Tips for Lockets

Contributing Artists
About the Author

Karen Dougherty has been a lampwork and jewelry designer for over ten years. She has a BA from the University of South Carolina Art Studio Department, with an emphasis in graphic design. She also holds a certificate in jewelry design from Temple University. Karen’s jewelry designs have been published in Step by Step Beads and Creative Jewelry.

"Opens a world of jewelry making to those interested in working with metals but not that eager to pick up a torch." - Guide to Jewelry Making

“A fabulous new book!” – Jewelry Making Guide
“The projects not only teach cold-joining skills, they are trendy, wearable and easily adapted to creative interpretation.  So take the plunge and add cold joining to your next piece.” –

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Karen Dougherty

Format: eBook

ISBN 13: 9781596684942

Customer Reviews

Funky jewelry, a lot of work to get a piece of funky jewelry. Review by Linda

I don't know if I would be inspired to make any of the projects, except possibly the fold-formed bracelet. Seems like a lot of work to get a funky piece of jewelry.

But it does cover a lot of techniques in pretty good detail, so could be good for reference if not for the actual projects.

(Posted on 4/9/14)