Metal Style 20 Jewelry Designs with Cold Join Techniques

Get up to speed with the hottest trend in metalwork and jewelry making--Cold Joins. The cold-connection techniques showcased in Metal Style are the perfect solution for those who love working with metal, but hate having to use a torch or kiln.

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Metal Style ensures that all the tools and materials you need are affordable on almost any budget and easy to access. To get started all you will need is a common drill, hammer, sandpaper, wire, and a metal sheet. That's it! You will also learn how to use rivets, screws, and other methods to combine elements in making jewelry, all without the heat. Using just these few simple tools and tricks, you can say goodbye to cumbersome kilns and torches and say hello to Metal Style. Master Jewelry Designers Thomas Mann, Robert Dancik, Connie Fox, Tracey Stanley and others offer signature pieces, constructed using cold-joins. Accompanying each project are expert tips and advice for additional ideas and customizations. Metal style is full of inspiration and techniques for jewelry makers looking to ignite a creative spark in their metal jewelry without lighting a flame.

About the Author

Karen Dougherty has been a lampwork and jewelry designer for over ten years. She has a BA from the University of South Carolina Art Studio Department, with an emphasis in graphic design. She also holds a certificate in jewelry design from Temple University. Karen’s jewelry designs have been published in Step by Step Beads and Creative Jewelry.

"Opens a world of jewelry making to those interested in working with metals but not that eager to pick up a torch." - Guide to Jewelry Making

“A fabulous new book!” – Jewelry Making Guide
“The projects not only teach cold-joining skills,  they are trendy, wearable and easily adapted to creative interpretation.  So take the plunge and add cold joining to your next piece.” –

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Karen Dougherty

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596682825

Number Of Pages: 128

Customer Reviews

Not for rank beginners. Review by Jenne

I have been working with wire for years and dabbled with metalworking just recently. I have quite a few tools, so after reading the reviews thought I'd give this book a try.

It is excellent for an experienced jeweler that has plenty of tools. The author states that you can get by with whatever you have in your possession, but I found with most projects that was not the case. You really do need a flex shaft, as a drill really isn't practical. I guesstimate about 70% utilize this pricey tool. And while one is definitely next on my to-buy list, a rank beginner that happens to own one may struggle. I also recommend a wide variety of hammers (rawhide, brass, chasing, planishing, ball-peen, texturing, nylon head, and riveting) as well as a good quality jeweler's saw, bench pin, and ring clamp. As with most jewelry making, a large assortment of pliers are a must.

The projects do seem very interesting and offer a variety of techniques. I am happy I purchased this book on sale for a low price, as I do see myself coming back to it within a year or so when I've filled out my tool collection and beefed up my skills (namely sawing, I struggle with this).

I think experienced metal workers would be pleased with this book, but that is merely conjecture.

(Posted on 1/9/14)

Thank you 2 Review by Lynsey

Thank you Kirsten. I was about to buy this book, which no doubt would be excellent for those with access to the expensive tools you mention. I do have some tools and a basic level of skill, but I am in the UK and although I would love to own a rolling mill and flexishaft (to name but two), they are way beyond my pocket. Sometimes the preview shows enough to tell you that the equipment list makes the book a waste of money, but not often. I have bought downloads before then been very disappointed because I needed equipment which was unaffordable.

(Posted on 11/26/13)

Thank you Review by Valerie

Thank you Kirsten M, I nearly purchased this book, your review helped me decide not to as I am a complete beginner, and although very skilled in many areas, I have no metal tools.

(Posted on 7/12/13)

Disappointing Review by Kirsten M

Yes,this may be good for people who don't want to do torch work,but only if they have a complete metal shop with flex shaft and rolling mills and tons of other equipment available to them. If you could see more in these darn peeks inside I would have known that I could not use this book and that it did not apply to my equipment or skill level.disappointing waste of money for me,though I am certain it is a very good book and very worthwhile for people who own or have access to a metal shop

(Posted on 6/18/13)