Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Jewelry Fold Forming Video Download

Expand your metalsmithing knowledge with this jewelry workshop video for all things fold forming!
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Fold form your way to intricate jewelry designs

Pump-up your jewelry designs with this metalsmithing technique

Take your jewelry to the next level as you learn the art of fold forming. Join metalsmith and jewelry artist Travis Ogden in 11 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you’ll need to know to enter the exciting world of fold forming.

Create organic and interesting 3D formed metal shapes from flat metal sheet using simple tools as you master the fold forming technique. Learn the 6 fold forming basics while you create sensational and beautifully textured metal projects. Skip the guesswork as you follow Travis’ detailed steps from discovering what metal forming tools you’ll need to be successful, to the finished design.

Order your copy and form dynamic jewelry as you:

  • Get expert tips for preparing your metal, selecting tools, and finishing your work.
  • Maximize your metal with expert artist techniques for rolling an edge for a cuff blank.
  • Learn valuable basic fold forming techniques to pump up your jewelry designs including the T-fold, quarter folds, and more.
  • Create synclastic and anticlastic folds to add dimension and visual interest.
  • And much, much more!

Watch over 100 minutes of detailed project demos on your own time. Get a front row seat for this jewelry making class you can watch again and again! But be warned, once you learn the fundamentals of this metalsmithing technique you won’t be able to stop forming gorgeous jewelry designs!

About the Author
TRAVIS R. OGDEN has been an independent jewelry artist for over 40 years, and holds both a BFA and an MFA. His award-winning, superbly crafted, outstanding jewelry is currently represented in three Colorado galleries. He taught metalsmithing at the university level for more than 15 years, and currently teaches at the Denver School of Metal Arts, which he owns along with the Naja Tool and Supply in Denver.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Travis Ogden

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

I Loved It Review by Nancy

First the reason it didn't get a 5 star. I agree with the reviewers who mentioned his monotone and sniffing. I showed parts of this DVD to multiple metalworking friends. Most of us were distracted by the fact that he needed to blow his nose.
But I felt the content and his knowledge more than made up for it. If I could have only taken off a 1/2 point, that would have been my choice. I watched it, or parts of it, multiple times. After a little bit the previously mentioned distractions faded away and I picked up more details each time. I now love fold forming and have made many pieces as well as taught it to some folks. I've since gotten other tutorials he's done and enjoyed them, too. But this is my hands down favorite.

(Posted on 8/19/14)

Excellent introduction to fold forming Review by Alan

Nothing like a demonstration. Read lewton-brain's book and got the gist of fold forming, but this video gave me the how to and inspiration. Teaching style is a bit dry, but stick with Ogden and watch the video several times and you should be able to make some interesting and beautiful forms. The good thing about this video is that you can begin with a minimum of tools...many of which you probably already have: a vice, a rivet or goldsmith hammer, a rawhide or plastic mallet will get you started. Once you get rolling and inspired you can acquire more tools. Ogden has a constructivist style. He encourages the student to go with what looks good to the individual. Well worth the $22 dollar price for the downloadable version.

(Posted on 6/11/14)

Disappointed - extremely boring and lacking in information Review by Vivien

I bought the downloadable video and was very disappointed for these reasons: A) the presentation - lacking in enthusiasm and quickly bored of the monotone voice. I continued watching, having paid good money for it, but gave up; B) the lack of planning - "oh, I just remembered . . .", C) using unidentified modified tools (great, but please show us the modifications, not just the brass sheet you covered your vice with) D) using sheer strength to unfold his work which differentiates against those without strong masculine type muscles - I have done some fold forming and yes, strength is useful, but women typically have to find other techniques to accomplish the same result that a stronger man will achieve using muscles others haven't got! As a teacher, I have to enthuse and motivate a class, I have to allow for people with different abilities and show universal or different ways to accomplish desired outcomes. I don't recall any info about the metal he preferred to use but was massively irritated by his constant non-commital -"whatever you decide", "your choice", "you can do what you want", "it's up to you" and I just want to yell at him to tell me what the deal is and get on with the job! So, all in all, extremely boring and lacking in information. I gave two stars as I felt I could glean some of my money's worth if I skipped through the video without the sound. I'm sorry if I sound harsh - I daresay if I could have watched the whole thing, I might have to review my review, but that is precisely the point.

(Posted on 5/16/14)

Great beginner's video Review by Tina

I haven't worked much in metal, but want to add some metalwork to my jewelry designs. This video was extremely helpful, and gave me a lot of inspiration and a desire to do some fold forming. The person who complained that it was merely a beginner's video was probably right, but that is just what many of us need.

(Posted on 12/22/13)

Good beginners video Review by Katie

If you have no previous experience with fold forming, you can get a lot of idea's from this video. But that's it. If you have a smidgen of experience, you will not really gain anything from watching this.
Another problem I had with this video, from a technical stand point, is on the shots where he is just talking about fold forming, he will not stand still and sways for minutes on end. About need to get the Dramamine out...(he also should have stopped filming and blown his nose throughout the video taping.)

(Posted on 12/20/13)

Great video! Review by Monica

This is a wonderful and inspiring video. Mr. Ogden has a straightforward teaching style that I really like. The video is extra long and full of information about different fold forming techniques used to make beautiful and unique metal jewelry. This instructor also has made an equally good video about the flex shaft. Since purchasing these videos, I have visited the website for Naja Tools, the tool company owned by Mr. Ogden and his wife, and the products and customer service are excellent. Mr. Ogden talks on his videos about his love of good craftsmanship and this certainly is reflected in the quality of his products and teaching skills. Highly recommended!

(Posted on 10/27/13)