Metalsmith Essentials: How to Set Fancy Shaped Faceted Stones: Oval, Pear, Marquise and Square with Ann Cahoon

Join jewelry artist Ann Cahoon and learn how to set fancy shaped stones efficiently and correctly! Build on your technique as you move from ann oval stone to a one-pint pear, two-point marquise, and finally to a four-point square.

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Metalsmith Essentials: How to Set Fancy Shaped Faceted Stones DVD
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Metalsmith Essentials: How to Set Fancy Shaped Faceted Stones Download in HD

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You’ll love this if:

  • You want to advance your stone setting technique
  • You are looking for detailed directions for setting oval, pear, square, and marquise faceted stones

Fancy Stone Setting Revealed!

Set oval, pear, marquise, and square stones efficiently with step-by-step demonstrations

Join jewelry artist Ann Cahoon as she shows you how to set fancy shaped stones efficiently and correctly. Intimidated by square-shaped stones? Begin with easier ovals and then graduate to one-pointed pears, two-pointed marquise cuts, and finally four-pointed squares, building on the techniques and skills you have learned as you go – including the right hand position for each tool you'll need, a foolproof way to measure when creating your bezels, and expert tips for creating both crisp corners and evenly curved shapes. With essential stone setting considerations, this comprehensive DVD walks you through the steps you need to master so you can set stones efficiently, safely, and with confidence.

Order your copy of this vital technique DVD to:

  • Discover how to effectively build bezels for four classic faceted stone shapes
  • Progress in difficulty and build on the same basic technique as you move from an oval stone through to a four-point square stone.
  • Start with all the information you need, from detailed material lists to specific step directions clearly explained for each type of cut.
  • Learn finishing considerations in case you slip during setting and need to freshen up your design’s shine.
  • And much more!

About the Artist:

After receiving an honors double BFA in Jewelry and Ceramics from the Maine College of Art in 1998, Ann Cahoon continued her training at Boston’s North Bennett Street School. She completed their prestigious Jewelry Making and Repair program in 2002. It was this grounding in both the creative and technical sides of the jewelry industry, coupled with her lifelong belief that everyone has the capacity to create, which inspired her to start teaching almost immediately after graduating.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Ann Cahoon

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Customer Reviews

Wow again Review by wickedcarrot

Ann is truly raising the bar on this one. Other reviewers have said most of it, but I would have liked to see step bezel fabrication and fitting a bezel into a finished piece. Maybe next time.

(Posted on 7/21/14)

Advanced Faceted Settings Review by Pamela

Another great instructional video from Ann Cahoon. Everything from the tips and tricks to the different tooling recommendations and how to use the are very helpful. The marquis setting was definitely not for the faint of heart. As a suggestion for future videos on specialty settings, the use of a microscopic camera angle would be helpful for those of us viewing the video. Although Ann does a great job explaining and showing her progression through all of the steps used to create a beautiful setting for tricky stones.

(Posted on 5/13/14)

Fantastic video about fabricating bezels, as well Review by jules

I work in Argentium and my options for mill products is very limited. I love how this video explains everything I need to know about fabricating my own bezels. My bezels so far are only round and even though this video is geared toward non-round shapes, it still applies. Good info about gauges of metal to stone size. Her presentation is quite fluid with lots of little titbits along the way. Ideally, there could be a camera set up on the other side of her, but I'm not sure that would really even help-the bezel really is tiny. But she does a very good job of explaining what she's doing with the parts you can't see.

(Posted on 3/25/14)

Very informative but a little frustrating at times... Review by Sandra

I love Ann Cahoon's gem setting DVDs, she is very concise with her information and is easily the best gem setting video I have found. My one gripe would be the lack of a camera to the right or above that shows the burr head position. It is very frustrating to see the outside of the bezel wall so much and not what the burr is doing inside the bezel though she does explain what is happening. Despite this I think they are great value and I have watched them several times and learnt a lot from them. I hope she will do one covering channel setting and pave setting....preferably with improved camera angles.

(Posted on 2/2/14)