Metalsmith Essentials: Riveting & Cold Connections (Video Download)

Metalsmith Essentials is back. This time, it’s all about favorite no-heat techniques: cold connections.
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You asked, how could we not deliver?

Metalsmith Essentials is back with another downloadable video.
This time, it’s all about favorite no-heat techniques: cold connections.

Volume 1, Basic Fabrication flew off the shelves and started a metalsmith revolution. Now you can join artist and experienced metalsmith Helen Driggs in the next set of 10 watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step by step how to make your own cold connection jewelry! Join Helen as you take your skills and jewelry designs to the next level with the versatility of riveting and other cold connections.

Master metalsmithing basics as you boost your jewelry-making skills with these essential techniques for getting started with riveting and cold connections, including how-tos in designing, drilling, hammering, and much more!

Discover different types of cold connections and learn how to use them in your own jewelry. Helen shows you how to create all of the essential cold connection: tube rivets, wire rivets, moveable rivets, tension joins, and more.  

Enter a new era in your jewelry designs as you:

  • Stay safe and get started the right way with a comprehensive cold connection tools and materials overview. 
  • Master metalsmithing must-knows:  punch and drill holes, design your own jewelry pieces, cut your metal components, and more.
  • Discover mixed-media materials made for cold connections such as plastic, glass, ceramic, fiber, paper and stone.  
  • Add dimension and intrigue to your pieces with overlap joins and other techniques for tensioned connections.
  • Create sophisticated metal jewelry designs without the use of glue or a torch.
  • And more!

Plus! Learn Helen’s tricks to layering pieces, using exciting materials, creating your own patterns, and more!

Watch almost two full hours of exciting cold connection essentials on your own time. This two-part set allows you to start and stop when it’s convenient for you. Get a front-row seat to this master metal jewelry-making class you can watch again and again!


SKU: EP2681

Author/Speaker/Editor: Helen I. Driggs

Format: Standard Definition Video

Table of Contents

Metalsmith Essentials: Riveting and Cold Connections Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Planning a Design
  • Creating a Pattern
  • Tube Rivets
  • Wire Rivets

Metalsmith Essentials: Riveting and Cold Connections Part 2

  • Moveable Rivets
  • Perimeter Tabs
  • Overlapping Joins
  • Micro Hardware
  • Tension Joins
  • Putting it All Together

SKU: EP2681

Author/Speaker/Editor: Helen I. Driggs

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

Ms. awesome instructor!! Review by Catherine Bishop

This video is chocked full of good information. Helen Driggs has a wealth of information in her brain, and she shares it! I've acquired a lot of the videos she's the instructor in and have not been disappointed! Of course, she makes everything look easy, but with her videos, I can stop them and review again and again without a problem. Her instructions are clear, and I love watching her work. I recommend this video highly and ALL of her videos!!!

(Posted on 6/5/2012)

(Posted on 6/5/2012)

Metalsmithing Essentials: Rivets and Cold Connections Review by NULL NULL

Helen is an articulate and talented craftsperson who shares her expertise in a fast-paced, entertaining and very practical way. Beginning with some great tips for harnessing the design process, she efficiently outlines commonsense safety precautions before taking us step by step through the creation of some high quality finished pieces. It is fascinating to watch someone so skilled with their hands... I had to keep pausing the video because ideas were constantly coming to me that I couldn't wait to try! She also shares tips here and there that only a seasoned jewellery artist would know and which I'm glad I didn't have to learn myself through trial and error. It is genuinely entertaining to watch this video. To anyone for whom soldering and the use of torches still causes some trepidation, the excellent cold connection techniques taught by Helen Driggs will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

(Posted on 10/25/2011)

(Posted on 10/25/2011)