Metalsmith Essentials: Setting Stones with Bezels (Download)

Join artist and experienced metalsmith Lexi Erickson in 11 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to take your stone setting to the next level.
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Boost your skills with a comprehensive lesson in one of the fundamental jewelry techniques, bezel setting.  Join artist and experienced metalsmith Lexi Erickson in 11 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to take your stone setting to the next level.

Expand your jewelry-making repertoire with how-tos for setting round stones, rounded squares, stones with sharp corners, stones with oblique angles, high-domed stones, thin stones, stones with natural edges, and more—plus learn how to select the right bezel wire or flat sterling wire for each stone!

Enter a new era in your jewelry designs as you:

  • Incorporate beautiful cabochons into your designs with how-tos for an array of shapes and sizes.
  • Get a flawless fit every time with bezel-setting tips and techniques made easy.
  • Uncover expert advice on how to avoid melting fragile bezel wire.
  • Create a distinctive look with partial bezel and prong settings, handmade bezel textures, and more.
  • Discover foolproof tips to help spot mistakes before you make them—even fix them.
  • Learn how to pick a high quality cut gemstone to set into your designs.
  • And much, much more!


Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Bezel Choices
  • Bezel Wire Choices
  • What to Look for in Stones
  • Make a Basic Rounded Square Bezel Setting
  • Tools to Use
  • Make a Round Bezel
  • Make a Bezel with Square or Sharp Angles
  • How to Fix Mistakes
  • Make a Partial Bezel and Prong Setting
  • We've Learned a Lot!
About the Author
LEXI ERICKSON is a Contributing Editor to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine and has been designing and making jewelry for the past 25 years. Educated as an archaeologist, she took her first jewelry class so she could understand the Bronze Age and fell in love with the creative process of jewelry. Lexi has taught high school to university-level jewelry making, archaeology, and geology. She participates in f ne craft festivals in the southwestern United States, and her work can be found in southwestern fine craft galleries. Feel free to contact her through her website,

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Lexi Erickson

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

Well worth the money, easy to understand, a reference to come back to when ever you need to check a technique Review by Cheryl

I love Lexi's relaxed style, she explains what she is doing and why she is doing it, she gives clear instructions. Tells you about the tools and the metal and the stones. What to look for when buying stones.
As a beginner I got so much from this download that I had not been able to find elsewhere and are confident that when I do my first setting I will have Lexi there to guide me each step of the way. I am sure this will be part of my reference library for many years

(Posted on 7/13/14)

Great video Review by Tieast

I enjoyed this video very much. Lexi was very thorough in talking about various ways to set stone, different bezel options and tricks to use if you make a mistake. I'm ready to give stone setting a try, especially partial bezels.

(Posted on 1/30/14)

Great learning tool Review by Skye Fresh

This video was a wonderful tool for me to learn how to set a stone. I've never taken a formal jewelry making class, I'm completely self taught. However this video made me feel that I was sitting next to Lexi in a classroom! If you've never soldered before I would suggest soldering 1 & 2 also taught by Lexi. I would have not gotten to the level I'm at now without these 3 "classes"! Worth every cent. Thank you Lexi & Interweave for making these videos!

(Posted on 4/17/13)

Fantastic Information for All Levels! Review by NULL NULL

"Setting Stones with Bezels" is a great video for anyone wishing to learn more about bezel setting stones. Lexi's teaching style is friendly and conversational. Her instructions are clear and peppered with interesting and pertinent information. She begins by discussing various stones and the strategies she recommends for setting them and then moves on to demonstrating those strategies. This is not a project video, Lexi demonstrates how to set many different types of stones but she is careful to explain why as well as how ... making it easy for me to adapt her strategies to my own projects.

(Posted on 8/28/12)

If you're learning to set stones, you need this! Review by NULL NULL

Lexi has opened a whole new world in stone setting. She gives you techniques and ideas that provide you with a springboard for your own designs. Take a look at this and you'll refer to it again and again. When you choose stones for setting, you will look at them in a whole new way. Whatever stage you're in in your metalsmithing - you need this in your reference library.

(Posted on 2/20/12)