Metalwork: Making Bezels for Stones and Found Objects with a Micro-Torch (Video Download)

Get instant access to mastering micro-torch soldering basics as you boost your jewelry-making skills!
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Join artist and best-selling author Denise Peck in 5 watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step by step how to make fabulous pendants and rings with the use of a micro-torch!

Master micro-torch soldering basics as you boost your jewelry-making skills and your jewelry collection with these fun techniques for transforming stones, buttons, beads, and more into stunning jewelry.

Enhance your skills as you learn how to:

  • Get started with a tools and materials overview with solder and flux simplified.
  • Show off all your favorite finds with custom-crafted bezels.
  • Make unique shapes at just the right depth for your resin pieces.
  • Give your piece that extra shine with finishing and file how-tos.
  • And more!

Plus! Learn Denise’s tricks to fabulous jewelry the fast and easy way with tricks to keeping solder in place, avoiding stuck stones, how to use a micro-torch, and more!


SKU: EP2188

Author/Speaker/Editor: Denise Peck

Format: Standard Definition Video

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Customer Reviews

mixed feelings Review by KP

It might be good for someone absolutely new to bezels, but I feel like it lacked some information that would give people better habits... like punching a hole in the bezel back? No thank you! The finishing process could have better follow through. An absolute beginner could benefit from really seeing the process from start to finish. It teaches pretty amateur craftsmanship, but does make the work accessible. On the whole, I'd call it novel, but incomplete.

(Posted on 12/4/13)

Review by NULL NULL

I've been making jewelry for about 2 years. I've done lots of wire wrapping and chain maille. I've made a few things from silver clay. I really wanted to learn to create my own bezels. I've been uncertain about whether I could do it. I've read books and looked at articles and other videos online. But, it wasn't until I watched Denise's video - that I was actually inspired to give it a try. Nothing like a good video to inspire and boost confidence. Denise Peck does an excellent job of showing you everything you'll need to create your own bezels. From setting up your workstation...(I know - all instructors show you this, but her set-up is simple and something I can easily do without spending a lot of money)... to cutting the metal, soldering, decorating the bezel, finishing and polishing it. I like her presentation style. Her manner and voice are calm and made me feel like I was watching a friend show me how to do it. She creates a bezel, sets the stone and finishes it into a ring. She also creates a bezel to use as a pendant. I've followed her instructions to create two bezels. A copper bezel for a ring and a silver bezel for a pendant. For the pendant, I textured and painted clay - creating my own faux stone. I'm proud of them both. I look forward to more videos from Denise Peck. I've watched the bezel making video a couple of times. I know I will revisit it again as I move forward. I'm planning to purchase another of her videos. Thank you Denise!

(Posted on 7/5/11)