Metalwork Making Bezels for Stones and Found Objects with a Micro-Torch DVD

Master micro-torch soldering basics as you boost your jewelry-making skills and your jewelry collection with these fun techniques for transforming stones, buttons, beads, and more into stunning jewelry.

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Join artist and best-selling author Denise Peck in 5 watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step by step how to make fabulous pendants and rings simply with the use of a micro-torch!

Master micro-torch soldering basics as you boost your jewelry-making skills and your jewelry collection with these fun techniques for transforming stones, buttons, beads, and more into stunning jewelry.

Enhance your skills as you learn how to:

  • Get started with a tools and materials overview with solder and flux simplified.
  • Show off all your favorite finds with custom-crafted bezels.
  • Make unique shapes at just the right depth for your resin pieces.
  • Give your piece that extra shine with finishing and file how-tos.
  • And more!

Plus! Learn Denise’s tricks to fabulous jewelry the fast and easy way with tricks to keeping solder in place, avoiding stuck stones, how to use a micro-torch, and more!


SKU: 10BD24

Author/Speaker/Editor: Denise Peck

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596684096

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Customer Reviews

Metalwork: Making Bezels for Stones and Found Objects Review by Marcy Warkentin

I was extremely disappointed with this DVD. The techniques shown were not how an experienced teacher would instuct students.There were gaps in the bezel, which she said would not fill in with solder, so the bezel wasn't fitted on the base properly. Trying to set a stone after chipping it was very tacky for an instuctional DVD. There were no new techniques for setting anything beside a cabachon. The title is misleading.

(Posted on 11/20/10)

LOVED THIS VIDEO Review by Jane Dickerson

Denise Peck is a fantastic teacher. Her instructions were very clear and easy to understand. When I tried this on my own, I was thrilled to see how easy it was. I love my new bezel ring and can''t wait to try more!

(Posted on 11/2/10)

Not what I thought Review by Joyce Dunlop

I was very disappointed in this video. I expected it to show how to set unusual shaped stones and objects meaning ones without flat bottoms. But all it did was show how to make a ring with a regular cabachon and a regular round bezel in which to put resin. It''s not for someone who already knows how to make a bezel.

(Posted on 10/31/10)

So FUN! Review by Karen Dougherty

This video got me in my studio making bezels within the hour. I love how easy all the instruction was, the lighting was perfect and I loved how I could see and understand everything Denise was doing. I LOVED this video! I made a bezel ring, with resin, and have already had people asking me where I bought it! I used fine glitter in the resin. I LOVE IT! Thank you Denise for another GREAT VIDEO!

(Posted on 10/20/10)

JUST what I was looking for! Review by Paula Chase

I was so excited to find this DVD. It tells you how to bezel stones and beads and found objects using just a micro torch. The instruction was very clear, very good camera work and good close ups of just what you needed to see. I've had lessons in jewelry making and am not ready to invest in all the equipment. This shows a great alternative in an easy to follow demo, with a manageable number of tools and materials. Bravo!

(Posted on 10/16/10)

Disappointed Review by Holly Christian

I was excited about this DVD and I pre-ordered it. I have made bezels for sea glass and it''s no mean feat. I was hoping this DVD would help with the process of making bezels for unusually shaped items that tend to rock and roll in the bezel. But no such luck. In the copy about the DVD, using sawdust was mentioned, and so I thought making bezels for sea glass would be covered specifically. But it was not. Only one flat-bottomed item was bezeled. I have also had trouble with the stone or glass getting stuck in the bezel as I''m making it and I was interested in an alternative to beeswax. Making a hole in the back of the bezel is definitely an alternative, but seriously, not one I would employ. And finally, I found her cavalier attitude toward using pickle safely extremely dismissive. I once splashed pickle in my eye and I spent the evening in the emergency room. I did enjoy watching the solder melt. That''s always fun. I wanted to like this DVD! My expectations were out of line. **INTERWEAVE RESPONSE** Thank you for your comment. All constructive feedback is important to us. We believe this unique content has a tremendous value to the viewer. Making Bezels for Stones and Found Objects gives essential how-tos on soldering basics and shows a sample project with which jewelry makers of many levels can practice and master making their own custom bezels. We

(Posted on 9/7/10)