Miss Watts New Illustrated Knitting eBook

Explore historical knitting with this Piecework presented eBook. Miss Watts New Illustrated Knitting features 19 knitting patterns from 1845 that will immerse you in vintage beauty while challenging your technique and skills.

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Miss Watts Knitting, Netting & Crochet Book 1845
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Miss Watts New Illustrated Knitting eBook

19 Patterns from 1845 to Knit

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Old 1845 Knitting Book
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Old 1845 Knitting Book
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Old 1845 Knitting Book
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We are very pleased to present PieceWork’s newest eBook. Here are the nineteen knitting patterns from the New Illustrated Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Book by Miss Watts published in London in 1845. They are reproduced for you here exactly as they appear in the original; neither alterations nor corrections were made. 

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This eBook is for the history enthusiast, vintage knitter, and sophisticated needleworker.


Immerse yourself in 1845 London, England with patterns that will test your skills and surprise your needleworking hands. Included in this eBook are 19+ various patterns.

  1. A Knitted Baby's Bonnet
  2. A Cardinal Cape for a Little Girl
  3. Cabas
  4. Shetland Wool Ruffle
  5. A Summer Quilt
  6. Toilette Cover to Match the Quilt
  7. Pincushion Cover
  8. Doyley or Quilt Border
  9. Berceaunette Quilt
  10. Berceaunette Blanket
  11. Gentleman's Slippers
  12. Sofa Guard
  13. Sofa Guard or Tidy
  14. Edging for Tidies, etc.
  15. A Narrow Edging
  16. Knitted Baby's Cap
  17. Warm Cap
  18. Open Work Manchette
  19. Open Work Collar

Though the title states the book is "illustrated" there are only three pages of illustrations with only 5 patterns depicted.


In addition to the intriguing, though mysterious, patterns, there is very little information known of the author, Miss Watts. Aside from her classic books and works attributed to her she is but anonymous.

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Several of the patterns use Strutt's Cotton thread established as a family enterprise in 1726 which continued until 1897 when the business was acquired by the English Sewing Cotton Company. However, one of the original cotton mills still stands today in Belper, England. For modern knitters, the suggested materials are lace, sport, fingering, and DK weight yarns.

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We hope you enjoy your glimpse into Miss Watts's world of

mid-nineteenth-century knitting!

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