Mixed-media art books inspire, instruct, and illuminate. They take us into our favorite artists' studios and show us the tips and tricks that create aha! moments.

Mixed-media books, printmaking books, collage books , paper craft books, fabric art books all encourage to explore a material or process in depth. When you need inspiration, there's nothing like opening a mixed media book and browsing through the pages. In no time, a color, texture, project, or process will spark an idea that gets the ideas flowing again . . . often in a direction you never thought to go before.

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  1. DIY Mason Jars

    DIY Mason Jars

    This quirky craft book will give 35 uses for the iconic and ubiquitous Mason jar. With beautiful, creative projects ranging from simple décor all the way to baking, storage, and even lighting, this is the first book that captures the Mason jar enthusiasm that’s sweeping the craft and online worlds. Learn More

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  2. Resin Alchemy eBook

    Resin Alchemy eBook

    Join resin authority Susan Lenart Kazmer as she covers the basics and goes beyond with this comprehensive jewelry makingeBbook. Get ready to add beautiful textures, colors, mixed media elements and more to your resin jewelry with this ultimate eBook guide. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7565

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  3. Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media

    Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media

    Utilize 28+ step-by-step demos to enhance your understanding of a variety of mixed-media and acrylic painting techniques. Learn More

    Item Number: W8864

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  4. Crafty Birds

    Crafty Birds

    Incorporate the symbol of the bird into your mixed-media art projects while using a variety of techniques, from encaustic and collage to assemblage and wire. Learn More

    Item Number: U1066

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  5. Art Journal Freedom

    Art Journal Freedom

    Let free your creativity and art journal instincts! Join Dina Wakley for an exploration of art journal techniques, examples, and more, as well as composition and color fundamentals in order to master fostering your creativity and expression in your art journaling. Learn More

    Item Number: V7967

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  6. Bound & Beautiful: One-of-a-Kind Handmade Books (eBook)

    Bound & Beautiful: One-of-a-Kind Handmade Books (eBook)

    You’re bound to love this whimsical and enchanting eBook on creating handmade books! Brought to you by the best and brightest at Cloth Paper Scissors — this must-have resource has everything you need to get started. Learn More

    Item Number: EP6471

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  7. Embellish Me: How to Print Dye and Decorate Your Fabric

    Embellish Me: How to Print Dye and Decorate Your Fabric

    Embellish Me is the ultimate guide for achieving the perfect surface finishes for your fabric-based projects. Learn More

    Item Number: 12QM05-EP8338-GROUPED

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  8. Mixed Media People Part 2 (eBook)

    Mixed Media People Part 2 (eBook)

    Cloth Paper Scissors invites you to stitch, assemble, and collage your way through a selection of articles, projects, and step-by-step how-to’s on creating mixed-media people that will entice and inspire. Learn More

    Item Number: EP6200

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  9. Wax and Paper Workshop

    Wax and Paper Workshop

    Encaustic artists ready to try less traditional surfaces for their wax paintings, paper enthusiasts and mixed-media artists will explore and appreciate the satisfying texture and feel of paper as a canvas mixed with the uniquely sensual quality of encaustic painting. Learn More

    Item Number: W4549

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  10. Mixed-Media People Part 1 (eBook)

    Mixed-Media People Part 1 (eBook)

    Mixed-Media People Part 1 is a downloadable eBook full of articles that will have you creating altered book covers, portraits, soulful collaged and painted figures, and more. Learn More

    Item Number: EP6073

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