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  1. PH Neutral PVA Adhesive

    PH Neutral PVA Adhesive

    Improve the quality of your handmade books with this easy to use adhesive—it’s the perfect book binding glue! Learn More

    Item Number: T0053

    Availability: In stock


  2. Inktense Pencil set 12/Tin

    Inktense Pencil set 12/Tin

    Derwent Inktense Pencils are as versatile as watercolor pencils, but with a firmer texture that allows them to perform with the brilliant intensity of traditional pen-and-ink. Learn More

    Item Number: QM1325

    Availability: In stock

    Was: $31.99

    Sale: $24.47

  3. Radiant Rain: Ginger Peach Mist

    Radiant Rain: Ginger Peach Mist

    Use these shimmering watercolors to add all-over shine and sparkle to your crafts. Learn More

    Item Number: QM1305

    Availability: In stock


  4. Grungeboard Digits & Punctuation Plain

    Grungeboard Digits & Punctuation Plain

    Paint, ink, sand, hammer, or grunge with Grungeboard. Learn More

    Item Number: QM1187

    Availability: In stock


  5. Speedball Art 4 Inch Acrylic Brayer

    Speedball Art 4 Inch Acrylic Brayer

    Innovative and exciting Roller Brayer selection is the crafters choice. Learn More

    Item Number: QM1174

    Availability: In stock

    Was: $14.89

    Sale: $12.71

  6. Gel Printing Plates 8 x 10 Inches

    Gel Printing Plates 8 x 10 Inches

    When you're in the mood to print, the Gelli Arts printing plate is ready for you to use! Learn More

    Item Number: QM1163

    Availability: In stock


  7. Golden Light Molding Paste

    Golden Light Molding Paste

    Offers dramatic weight reductions when building thick layers of acrylic. Learn More

    Item Number: QM1059

    Availability: In stock


  8. Golden Fiber Paste

    Golden Fiber Paste

    Some like it rough. Create rough, flexible, paper-like surfaces on canvas or board. Learn More

    Item Number: QM1062

    Availability: In stock


  9. Emerald

    Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments 0.50oz.

    Add a bright and colorful sheen to all mediums with Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments. Learn More

    Item Number: T4460P

    Availability: In stock


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