What’s inspiration without the materials to make it a reality? We’re proud to bring you products that showcase your skills and will inspire you to make mixed-media art and collage, spurred from your own creativity! From paints & inks to make your mark, fibers & embellishments that add personality, to patterns & stencils that add extra texture and more, we want to help you take your art to the next level.

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  1. Golden Fiber Paste

    Golden Fiber Paste

    Some like it rough. Create rough, flexible, paper-like surfaces on canvas or board. Learn More

    Item Number: QM1062

    Availability: In stock


  2. Golden Light Molding Paste

    Golden Light Molding Paste

    Offers dramatic weight reductions when building thick layers of acrylic. Learn More

    Item Number: QM1059

    Availability: In stock


  3. Vintaj Patinas

    Vintaj Patinas

    Color your metal with these easy patinas for all metal types! Learn More

    Item Number: T6084-T6085-GROUPED

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $13.00

  4. Premo! 12 piece Sampler - Classic

    Premo! 12 piece Sampler - Classic

    12-one ounce bars of oven bake Premo! Clay. Learn More

    Item Number: T5673

    Availability: In stock


  5. Liquitex Acrylic Gesso

    Liquitex Acrylic Gesso

    Liquitex Acrylic Gesso is a must-have art supply for mixed-media guru Jane Davenport! Learn More

    Item Number: T5895

    Availability: In stock


  6. Speedball Art 4 Inch Acrylic Brayer

    Speedball Art 4 Inch Acrylic Brayer

    Innovative and exciting Roller Brayer selection is the crafters choice. Learn More

    Item Number: QM1174

    Availability: In stock

    Was: $14.89

    Sale: $12.71

  7. Niji Waterbrush - Medium

    Niji Waterbrush - Medium

    The watercolor paint brush for artists on the go! Learn More

    Item Number: T5672

    Availability: In stock


  8. Liquitex Professional Spray Paint

    Liquitex Professional Spray Paint

    Try incorporating spray paint into you artwork with these low odor and vibrant artist quality Liquitex Professional Spray Paints. Learn More

    Item Number: T6443P

    Availability: In stock


  9. NK Studio Grunge Cling Rubber Stamps

    NK Studio Grunge Cling Rubber Stamps

    Grunge is a great look to add to any artwork! Learn More

    Item Number: T4474

    Availability: In stock


  10. NK Studio Wired Cling Rubber Stamps

    NK Studio Wired Cling Rubber Stamps

    Show your rebellious side in your artwork with this set of three stamp set! Learn More

    Item Number: T4475

    Availability: In stock


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