Mixed-Media Textile Art (Video Download)

Contemporary textile artist Susie Monday demonstrates how to create artful and original screen-printed fabrics.
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Making use of a fun and accessible screen-printing method, Susie shows how to design a screen with water-soluble pigments, and then how to print the image using a polymer medium. Complementary fabrics are designed using stencils, water-soluble crayons, and textile paints. And next, using simple fuse-and-stitch layering and piecing, Susie demonstrates how to construct a colorful, improvisational piece of fiber art. Further design elements are considered and added, including painted details and another layer of screen printing. Finally, Susie shares strategies for turning the piece into a three-dimensional piece of artwork, by wrapping and attaching it to a wooden frame (such as a house shape). Hand stitching and embellishments can be added to personalize the piece.

About the Author

Susie Monday is an artist and teacher whose work is inspired by the colors, textures and images of her home and studio in this culture-rich region near the Texas Mexican border. From her Texas Hill Country home and on-site El Cielo Studio, Susie creates spirit-inspired art quilts, art cloth and one-of-a-kind table linens. 


El Cielo Studio hosts small-group weekend workshops that include explorations of creativity, art journaling, surface design techniques, and spirituality as it affects design process, creativity and productivity.


-Screen-printing frame
-Squeegee for screen printing
-Water-soluble crayons or oil pastels
-Water-soluble colored pencils, such as Derwent® Inktense
-Screen-printing medium or matte gel medium
-Foam brushes (assorted sizes)
-Tray for washing out screen
-Drop cloth for drying area
-Padded printing surface
-Paper towels or rags
-Fabrics for screen printing (I use old sheets and linens in assorted light colors; other options include old dropcloths, hand-dyed fabrics, etc.)
-Freezer paper
-Cotton or cotton blend batting, thin
-Sewing machine (straight-stitch foot and free-motion foot)
-Embroidery floss or craft thread
-Large-eyed needles
-Fusible webbing
-Backing fabric
-Pins, needle, and thread
-Cutting mat
-X-ACTO® knife and a metal ruler (or a rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler) 

-Craft paints or fabric paints for embellishments
-Buttons, beads, and other embellishments
-Wooden frame or stretcher bars
-Staple gun

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Susie Monday

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

Wow, screen printing is cool! Review by Kelly Stodola

Susie Monday does a wonderful job of showing how to use those fun art materials you''ve bought, but were not sure what to do with! A great technique she dubs, "rainbow printing" allows you to use your watersoluable pencils and crayons to freely draw on your screen. I''ll leave the rest as a mystery so you buy the download or DVD! ;) I said I would never get into screen printing because it was another big investment of equipment etc...but low and behold..I think I have everything, even the supplies to make my own screens. Just watched the workshop yesterday, but can''t wait to try this out tomorrow after my son heads off to school.

(Posted on 5/24/10)