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Welcome to the Cloth Paper Scissors Shop, where creating unique art is only limited by the imagination of the artist! We're proud to offer a range of mixed-media techniques, books, videos, and other resources to help you explore the possibilities of your mixed-media art. Along with our dedication to bring you the best products to enrich your creativity, you'll discover even more ways to grow in your art with free mixed-media tutorials, tips, and advice. Read all our featured free mixed-media articles and improve your skills!

Making Art Journals: Journaling and Binding

Art Journaling

Whether you've been journaling for years or are giving it a try for the first time, this guide is for you. Inside you'll find tips on overcoming journal anxiety, ways to recycle your stash and found objects for journals, plus some great binding options to help you finish with flair. Check them all out on this free guide.

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Assemblage Art Idea Primer

Assemblage Art

In this assemblage art primer, you'll discover ways to remake your stash in to assemblage treasure. From begin creative with what you have on hand, and how to mold and cast your most prized pieces to use over and over, to printing ideas.

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Mixed Media Art Techniques and Essentials

Beginner Mixed-Media Essentials

Mixed-media techniques are truly accessible to any artist willing to give it a try. Simply put, mixed-media art is created when more than one medium is used in a piece, allowing for endless possibilities. We'll help you get started with the basic supplies and terms and help you on your way to your first projects with this free guide.

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Bookbinding Techniques - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Bookbinding Techniques

Book making has taken mixed media by storm in recent years, and we're here to help you with one of the most important parts: binding. Check out this guide to discover the main types of bindings, the tools and materials you'll need to get started, and our expert tips on making the perfect binding.

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Creative Prompts and Collages

Creative Prompts and Collages

Collage is one of the easiest ways to get started creating mixed media. Learn all about making collages with expert tips, supply lists, and ideas finding objects from around your home to use. Then overcome creative block with prompts and start your first collage, all with this free guide.

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How to Make Mixed-Media House Crafts

Mixed-Media Houses

House forms have become a unique art focus in recent years, showing up in everything from mixed-media art to jewelry. All you need to create your very own mixed-media house crafts is a basic structure and your imagination. Check out this guide for 10 ideas to get you inspired.

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Put a Bird on It Meaning and Mixed-Media Bird Crafts

Put a Bird on It Meaning and Mixed-Media Bird Crafts

The majesty and symbolism behind birds has many people featuring them in their art. This guide touches on the many ways to add birds and images to your art, including stamping, sewing, stitching, and more. Whether you put a bird or any other image on your art, you'll love exploring these techniques.

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Art Studio Ideas for Real People

Studio Ideas for Real People

Sometimes the "perfect" studios of artists seem unattainable, but this guide will prove a studio is possible for you, no matter the space. With expert tips, organization and storage solutions, and decorating ideas, you'll discover that you can have the studio of your dreams.

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