What’s inspiration without the materials to make it a reality? We’re proud to bring you products that showcase your skills and will inspire you to make mixed-media art and collage, spurred from your own creativity! From paints & inks to make your mark, fibers & embellishments that add personality, to patterns & stencils that add extra texture and more, we want to help you take your art to the next level.

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  1. Menorah Stencil

    Menorah Stencil

    A 5" x 5" mylar stencil that is easy to clean and solvent resistant. Learn More

    Item Number: T8468

    Availability: In stock


  2. Star of David Stencil

    Star of David Stencil

    The Star of David Stencil is made of mylar and is easy to clean. Learn More

    Item Number: T8469

    Availability: In stock


  3. Poppy stems Stencil

    Poppy stems Stencil

    Add a nice floral design to your mixed-media art with this Poppy Stems stencil. Learn More

    Item Number: T8470

    Availability: In stock


  4. Donna's glasses Stencil

    Donna's glasses Stencil

    Donna's Glasses is a fun stencil with a retro flair to use in your mixed-media art! Learn More

    Item Number: T8471

    Availability: In stock


  5. Outback Stencil

    Outback Stencil

    A fun and easy-to-use stencil for your mixed-media projects designed by Patti Tolley Parrish. Learn More

    Item Number: T8472

    Availability: In stock


  6. Bubbles Stencil

    Bubbles Stencil

    Use the Patti Tolley Parrish bubble stencil to add interesting design to your mixed-media art. Learn More

    Item Number: T8473

    Availability: In stock


  7. Sofft® Knife & Covers - NO. 3 Oval 1/5

    Sofft® Knife & Covers - NO. 3 Oval 1/5

    This tool is a cross between a brush and knife for PanPastels® and other art mediums. Learn More

    Item Number: T8094

    Availability: In stock


  8. Genuine Bone Folder

    Genuine Bone Folder

    The perfect tool for bookmakers! Learn More

    Item Number: T7321

    Availability: In stock


  9. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

    Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

    The best colored pencils to have in your mixed-media stash! They are rich in color and easily blend together for a smooth and radiant artwork. Learn More

    Item Number: T8015

    Availability: In stock


  10. 8xx Multifilament Printing Screen

    8xx Multifilament Printing Screen

    Screen print your own custom designs with the strong and smooth Speedball Printing Screen. Learn More

    Item Number: T7325

    Availability: In stock


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