Knitted Sweaters and Tops

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  1. Woodhouse Spencer

    Woodhouse Spencer

    This cropped jacket is knitted from the top down with short row shaping for the shoulders and set-in sleeves. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5021

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  2. Lambton Top

    Lambton Top

    This seamless, top-down raglan top features an empire waist, a square neckline, and a fitted bodice. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5022

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  3. Fiori Pullover

    Fiori Pullover

    Inspired by the empire and A-line style of the Regency era, this pullover is knitted in the round and features set-in sleeves a floral textured trim. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5025

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  4. Mr. Knightley's Vest

    Mr. Knightley's Vest

    This masculine vest employs the use of a twined knitting technique to create the colorwork which is simple to master and gives the impression of woven fabric. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5083

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  5. Lydia Military Spencer

    Lydia Military Spencer

    This spencer jacket features herringbone stitches and slightly puffy sleeves, stylistic of Regency era fashion. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5082

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  6. Meryton Coat

    Meryton Coat

    This coat is knitted in the round with a simple allover stranded pattern and finished with beautiful details such as I-cord piping and mitered corners on edgings. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5088

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  7. Evening Spencer

    Evening Spencer

    A simple cropped jacket worked in stockinette stitch throughout is given beautiful detail with leaf motif closures and I-cord edgings. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5093

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  8. Linen Work Apron

    Linen Work Apron

    A simple, yet pretty knitted linen lace apron, perfect for working in the garden. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5003

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  9. Short Stays

    Short Stays

    This elegant knitted shrug is modeled after Regency era corsets and features textured stitch details. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5004

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  10. Dahlia Cardigan

    Dahlia Cardigan

    This cardigan has the perfect drape. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4772

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