Knitted Shawls and Wraps

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  1. Eze Shawlette and Beret

    Eze Shawlette and Beret

    Knit this shawl and hat pair. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7128

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  2. Lace Capelet and Sleeves

    Lace Capelet and Sleeves

    A twist on tradition for boundary-breaking brides and creative guests. Learn More

    Item Number: EP1866

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  3. Cherry Blossom Shawl

    Cherry Blossom Shawl

    Pink lace recalls welcome buds of springtime. Learn More

    Item Number: EP1801

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  4. Biased Eyelets Stole

    Biased Eyelets Stole

    Completely reversible simple stole Learn More

    Item Number: EP1663

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  5. An Estonian Triangular Summer Shawl To Knit

    An Estonian Triangular Summer Shawl To Knit

    An exclusive sneak peek from Nancy Bush's forthcoming book on lace knitting in Estonia. Learn More

    Item Number: EP1259

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  6. Estonian Lace Scarf

    Estonian Lace Scarf

    Feminine but not fussy - a scarf to wear around your neck or your hips. Learn More

    Item Number: EP1210

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  7. Twilight Lace

    Twilight Lace

    An American knitter spots a Russian stitch and makes a romantic mohair-silk scarf. Learn More

    Item Number: EP0796

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  8. Cobweb Lace Stole

    Cobweb Lace Stole

    Combining several different openwork techniques results in a richly patterned stole that never gets boring to knit. Learn More

    Item Number: EP0419

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  9. Fairy Tale Scarf

    Fairy Tale Scarf

    A bleeding-heart lace pattern goes on and on in this trailing scarf fit for a fairy tale Learn More

    Item Number: EP0047

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