Knitted Socks and Legwarmers

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  1. Braided Slipper Socks

    Braided Slipper Socks

    Perfect slipper socks for him. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4734

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  2. Gansey Leg Warmers

    Gansey Leg Warmers

    With gansey inspired diamond and star motifs, these legwarmers make a great gift. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4744

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  3. Hex Mesh Stockings

    Hex Mesh Stockings

    Knit your own stockings. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4759

    Availability: Download Now


  4. Border Socks

    Border Socks

    Colorwork socks for him. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4766

    Availability: Download Now


  5. Flying Trapeze Socks

    Flying Trapeze Socks

    Knit these easily-customized socks for the whole family. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4907

    Availability: Download Now


  6. Pemberley Slippers

    Pemberley Slippers

    Knit these adorable and delicate house slippers that features a garter lace leaf motif pattern around the edges. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5006

    Availability: Download Now


  7. Lydia Bennet Secret Stockings

    Lydia Bennet Secret Stockings

    Imaginative knitted socks desgined with a horseshoe print lace pattern and textured heart shapes around the borders. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5007

    Availability: Download Now


  8. Frivolous Socks

    Frivolous Socks

    These feminine and decadent socks are knitted from the toe up in an allover lattice stitch with added details like glass beads and ribbon around the cuff. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5020

    Availability: Download Now


  9. Oak Barrel Socks

    Oak Barrel Socks

    Knit these unisex top-down socks. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5223

    Availability: Download Now


  10. Manitoba Slippers

    Manitoba Slippers

    Cabled moccasins make a great gift for him! Learn More

    Item Number: EP5240

    Availability: Download Now


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