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  1. The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits

    The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits

    Experience 26 knitting patterns inspired by the popular drama series Downton Abbey. Sophistication meets style with shawls, jackets, vests, and more!

    Due to copyright restriction, the Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits is not availiabe outside of the US.

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    Item Number: DA1300-EP6582-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $14.99

  2. Orenburg Knitting: Knitting Gossamer Webs with Galina Khmeleva Video Download

    Orenburg Knitting: Knitting Gossamer Webs with Galina Khmeleva Video Download

    Join Galina Khmeleva in an exploration of the rich tradition of Orenburg lace knitting. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7005

    Availability: Download Now


  3. Fern-Edged Gauntlets

    Fern-Edged Gauntlets

    These sweet gloves are delicate but warm. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7377

    Availability: Download Now


  4. Froth Pullover

    Froth Pullover

    This knitted sweater sets the standard for elegance. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7378

    Availability: Download Now


  5. Gilded Cardigan

    Gilded Cardigan

    Knit this cardigan with a glittery yarn! Learn More

    Item Number: EP7379

    Availability: Download Now


  6. Glasgow Jacket

    Glasgow Jacket

    Tartan-inspired colorwork brightens up this piece of knitting architecture. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7380

    Availability: Download Now


  7. Gnomish Hat

    Gnomish Hat

    A single chunky cable pops in this pointy hat. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7381

    Availability: Download Now


  8. Hallgrim Hat and Mittens

    Hallgrim Hat and Mittens

    A perfect unisex knitted gift with matching mittens. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7382

    Availability: Download Now


  9. Inselsberg Socks

    Inselsberg Socks

    These pretty socks are knit from the top down. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7383

    Availability: Download Now


  10. Just So Bag

    Just So Bag

    This durable knitted bag shows off pretty lace sides. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7384

    Availability: Download Now


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